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    Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
    Adopt A Class brochures are available on this website under online forms as well as in the front office if you are interested in more information.

    We would like to thank...
    We would like to thank...

    Janet/William Buttery                                                       Marianne/Joe Morgan

    Joe/Linda Coyle                                                               Michael/Alicia Parinello

    Kimberly/Darren Rubin                                                     Kate/Ryan Goodner

    Kelly/Chris McGonigal                                                       The Barela Family

    Renee Schmader                                                              Colette/Cory Jansen

    Trimworks Property Serv.                                                  Leighanne Smith-Mrkaja

    The Gars Family                                                               Jeff/Denise Rohrs

    Nicole Henn

    The Valentine Family

    Olivia Riggio

    Lauren/Zach Herman

    Madeline/Richard Pereira

    Kiernan Cole

    Chris/Lorena Lamee

    Amanda Forsman

    Melanie/Amir Habibzadeh

    Adventure Learning

    Colette/Cory Jansen

    Yen Chau

    Sherry Carannante

    Kira Munger

    Kelly/Chris McGonigal

    Jaqueline Hanlon

    Debbie/Brian LaDrig

    Maryanne Scott

    Kristin Markiewicz

    Marc/Krista Pincince

    Michele Hulslander


    Bill/Karen Reed

    Kendall Wallace

    Michael/Alicia Parinello

    Karen Smalley

    Christopher Menendez

    Russell/Ashley Nipper

    Samantah Bugatch

    The Ziesing Family

    Chirag/Juliet Mehta

    Tom/Celeste Latto

    Jennifer Nash

    Inkyung Kim

    Kiwanis Club of Seminole

    The Rigali Family

    Vincent/Ashley Michael

    Dan/Michele Aubrey

    Barb/Bob Robson

    Tom Zimmer (Papa)

    Michelle Bello

    Bi Yan Zhang

    Duke Energy

    Christopher Menendez

    Bryan/Taryn Hobby

    The George Family

    JGL & Associates

    BG Sales LLC

    Catherine Nguyen

    Alison/James Ginan

    Joshua Bowden Electric