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    Dear Pasadena Families,

    On behalf of our PTA, we would like to extend a warm welcome and celebrate our Panther Pride both virtually and physically for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.  We are excited to welcome back our families and meet our new families as we embark on this new journey together.

    I am honored to be your PTA President for another year and together with the PTA executive board, we are hoping to make it a great year for our children!  We know we are in unchartered territory with the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to make sure we are connecting with our families. We hope to connect via Moody Messages, reminders via Memberhub (our online membership database).  Please “like” our new social media site via Facebook (Pasadena Fundamental Elementary PTA) where we will post information. We know that this school year will look different, however we are committed to helping you feel connected and informed. https://www.facebook.com/Pasadena-Fundamental-Elementary-PTA-104323478058431 

    This year, our goal is to make it the best year yet as we go through unchartered territory.  This means we will have to really think outside of the box and communicate as the year unfolds.  We are all here for one reason: our children, and we want to continue to grow and support our family relationships.  You’re probably wondering what it means—every child, one voice.  For Pasadena PTA, it means that the success of our students is our top priority.  To help achieve this goals, we need members like you!  This year, our registration to join Pasadena’s PTA for the school year will be online only through MemberHub (more details to come).

    I encourage each of you to not only become a member of our PTA, but to become INVOLVED with PTA.  Our PTA sponsors many activities and events that cannot be made possible without volunteers.  As the year begins, it will look different than the past.  We may not be able to physically together, but we will be there virtually!  There are various committees to be a part of and programs to contribute toward.  Our fundraisers at Pasadena are important as they drive and support our various programs at our school that are enjoyed by the students and staff. Last year, our fundraisers and sponsorships provided $42,000 toward programs and school enhancements.  There is a role for everyone that wants to be involved (big, small, day, night, weekend, and/or weekday).  Our reputation at Pasadena speaks volumes and it is because of our parent involvement, our PTA and our awesome staff. 

    With your support and your contributions (ideas, time, talents) we can continue to ROAR about our continued success. 

    I am looking forward to an exciting year to expand our Panther Pride for Pasadena.

    If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me: president.pasadenapta@gmail.com


    With Panther Pride,

    Maria Grantham   

    Pasadena Fundamental Elementary

    PTA President 2020-2021 


    Congratulations to our 2020-2021 PTA Executive Board


    President: Maria Grantham (president.pasadenapta@gmail.com)
    Treasurer: Cassidy Noble  (treasurer.pasadenapta@gmail.com)
    Secretary: Diesel Pilot (secretary.pasadenapta@gmail.com)
    1st Vice President: Kendrea Meyer-Penrose (vp1.pasadenapta@gmail.com)
    2nd Vice President: Rosemary Wynia (vp2.pasadenapta@gmail.com)
    3rd Vice President: Lauren Esposito (vp3.pasadenapta@gmail.com)





    Pasadena PTA: Making a difference one child at a time.



    Partners in Education Sponsors

    Pasadena Fundamental PTA is looking for Partners in Education Sponsors for the 2020/2021 school year. These funds have helped us run PTA programs such as Citizen of the Month, Cultural Arts Programs, Defend a Friend shirts, Field Day, Math Fair, Reflections, Spring Dance, Family Nights, Birthday Books, after school programs/clubs, 5th grade events and many more! We recognize this year is like no other, but the reality is that the needs of our students and teachers have not diminished. 

    Without your help, programs like these that benefit our students won't be able to happen. If you know of a business that can help - please feel free to reach out to Kendrea Meyer-Penrose at VP1.Pasadenapta@gmail.com or pass along the attached flier.

    Partners in Education Sponsorship Form