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    Our Mission 
    The dedicated staff of High Point Elementary commits to creating a safe, caring and creative environment. With a focus on organization, determination and opportunities to think, our scholars will be valued and held accountable for their learning and academic growth.
    We Value
     1. Respect
     2. Responsibility
    3. Relationships

    Our Vision
    100% Scholar Success

    Interesting Facts:
    High Point Elementary first opened in 1958. The old High Point Elementary was home to thousands of students until 2007. Our new school at 5921 150th Ave N. was opened in 2007 after 18 months of construction. The school is located in the middle of Pinellas County. There is a strong bond between the school and the High Point community.
    There are approximately 650 students currently enrolled at High Point Elementary in Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grades, including Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). High Point Elementary has a diverse and multicultural population.
    High Point is a Title I school that implements the Title I Program school wide. Approximately 90% of the students qualify for the free/reduced lunch program. Title I provides instructional and personnel resources to promote highest student achievement and professional development.

    High Point Elementary Information

    Administration/Office Personnel:

    Ms. Annette Mavres - Principal

    Ms. Kristy Bench - Assistant Principal

    Ms. Lydia Hickey - Secretary/Bookkeeper

    Ms. Amy Ethridge - Data Management Technician

    Ms. Zuhayla Vega-Faison - Office Clerk

    Ms. Karen Colon  - Office Clerk


    Mr. Clarence Miller - Cafeteria Manager   Cafeteria Office: (727) 538-7271

    School District Information

    School Board Admin Office: (727) 588-6000

    District Call Center: (727) 587-2020

    Area 2 Office: (727) 588-5024

    Dr. Tracy Webley: Area Superintendent

    Transportation Department: (727) 587-2020