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    State Approves New Name for Common Core State Standards

    On February 18, 2014, the State Board of Education revised elements of the Common Core State Standards and renamed the benchmarks the Florida Standards. The board voted unanimously to revise the student performance standards in English/Language Arts(LAFS) and Mathematics(MAFS).
    The state provides a set of standards in order to prepare students for success and make them competitive in the global workplace. Each Florida Standard provides clear expectations for the knowledge and skills students need to master in each grade and subject so they will be prepared to succeed in college, careers and life.
    All Florida schools will teach the Florida Standards, and the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) has contracted with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to develop and administer new statewide assessments. These assessments will provide parents, teachers, policy makers and the general public with information regarding how well students are learning the Florida standards.
    The following Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) will be administered for the first time in Spring 2015. For elementary school : Grades 3-5 English Language Arts (Writing component in grades 4-5) and Grades 3-5 Mathematics.


    The Florida Standards: What Every Parent Should Know 

    District Florida Standards Powerpoint for Parents: Fl Standards District Powerpoint Presentation


    Florida Standards Brochure

    The Florida Department of Education's Florida Standards Brochure provides information on the benefits of the Florida Standards as well as resources for everyone who impacts the student learning experience. View the brochure.

    Parent Guides By Subject and Grade Level

    Learn more about the specific Florida Standards that affect your child in their particular grade. Support your child's learning in practical ways at home with ideas in the guides below. 
    Language Arts:

    Other Resources and Links for Parents

    National PTA
    These guides, available in English and Spanish, explain changes in standards for English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Guides are available for students in kindergarten through eighth grade and for students in high school. (These guides are for Common Core, which are the Florida Standards with just a few modifications.)

    Guide to Student Success


    Council of the Great City Schools
    The Council of the Great City Schools has developed content and grade-specific parent roadmaps that provide detailed information for parents about the expectations of the Common Core in English Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics. These roadmaps include examples of grade-level focus in the content area using parent-friendly language, sample progressions of learning across three grade levels in the Common Core, and tips to parents on communicating with teachers about their child’s work and how to support student learning at home.(These guides are for Common Core, which are the Florida Standards with just a few modifications.)

    Parent Road Maps for English Language Arts

    Parent Road Maps for Math