PMAC Multicultural Committee

  • PMACOur Multicultural Committee PMAC members in grades 3-5 meet monthly.

    Maria Gosart, School Counselor and San Jose Multicultural Adviser

    Multicultural Committee Goals:

    • Acknowledgment of the diversity in our school, community and environment helps our students realize the world around them is as close as their own backyard.
    • Diversity is the one true thing we have in common. Celebrate it everyday!
    • Our San Jose Diversity Garden is like us...Many Cultures and Many Flavors Make Us One Big Family!
    • Our San Jose Diversity Garden is an ongoing project that joins together several great committees from San Jose to achieve the goal.

    It takes students from the Multicultural Team as well as their advisers and also help from the community to achieve the beauty that makes our garden a truly international place. We are teaching our students to make our health and environment just a bit better one plant at a time. We can all have an impact and make a DIFFERENCE!