• What is Title I?

    Title I is a federally funded program available to select schools, based on the percentage of students eligible for free and reduced lunch. Title I funds are supplemental to district funds given to schools and are to be used to increase student achievement.  In Pinellas County, Title I serves all students and families in eligible public elementary schools through schoolwide programs that provide additional instructional staff and other resources. Title I also allocates funds to provide equitable services for eligible elementary students and their families in identified non-public schools in the district. For a complete list of Pinellas County schools served by Title I, visit www.pcsb.org.


    Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary supports the Title I requirements below:

    • Develop jointly with parents a written Parent Involvement Policy.

    • Hold an annual meeting to inform parents of the school’s participation in the Title I program and their rights to be involved in the school, and about the requirements of Title I.

    • Jointly develop with parents a school-parent compact. The compact must state how parents, the entire school staff and students will share in the responsibility for improved student achievement and must be discussed during a parent/teacher conference.

    • Provide staff training on parent involvement.

    • Provide training and materials to help parents work with their children.

    • Provide timely information to parents about the Title I program.

    • Provide (if requested) an opportunity for regular meetings to allow parents to participate (as appropriate) in decisions about their child’s education and respond to suggestions. 

    • Offer flexible meeting times.

    • Ensure that information sent to parents is in a format and language, to the extent practicable, that parents can understand.

    • Coordinate with other agencies/programs.


    School Accountability Reports

    The Elementary and Secondary Education Act School Public Accountability Reports (ESEA SPARs) are available on the Florida Department of Education website. The SPARs meet the ESEA’s requirement for school districts to provide parents with an annual school status report.

     You can also view our most recent Accountability Report by clicking the SPAR report page.


    Title I Funds are used for:

    • Highly qualified teaching partners serving students over and above regular classroom instruction.

    • Special reading and math programs.

    • Books and supplies for students and families.

    • School and parent newsletters, such as Home & School Connection, Building Readers and Early Years.

    • Parent education.

    • Agendas for communication between school and home.

    • Family and community liaison.

    If you would like to offer input into the School Improvement Plan, the School Parent Involvement Policy, the Title I District Parent Involvement Policy or any of the Title I plans, please contact Mr. Wyne.