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  • Honoring Disability History and Awareness Weeks:  A Letter from Governor Ron DeSantis.  (Posted 10 06 2020)

    District guidance for ESE Services in the time of COVID 19.  ESE Companion to Return to School Publication (Posted September 2020)


    The mission of Exceptional Student Education (ESE) is to provide quality services that support effective learning opportunities for all exceptional children. Pinellas County Schools serves approximately 13,800 students with disabilities and 9,400 students who are gifted.

    Students ages 3-21 who meet eligibility requirements receive special education services, which include, but are not limited to, educational, vocational and behavioral support. Services meet the needs of eligible students while allowing access to general education instruction with non-disabled peers to the maximum extent appropriate for each student.


    Parents of Exceptional Education Students:  A Letter from our Executive Director, Exceptional Student Education, Lynne Mowatt.  (Posted 3/30/2020.)

    Exceptional Student Education Services & COVID 19- English

    Exceptional Student Education Services & COVID 19- Spanish

    NEW- Parent's Toolbox -  Back to School-Transition and Guidance:   Transition & Guidance Live Binder   (Posted 8/13/2020).


       Pinellas County Schools provides AIM as a component of the provision of a free and appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). For more information regarding AIM, Learning Ally, Bookshare and NIMAC, please click on the following link: AIM memo

    Parent Registration Process for Students with Disabilities
    Parents of students with an IEP who are new to Pinellas County Schools should contact the Pinellas County Schools ESE Student Transfer Team at the Largo Administration Building, (727)-588-5128. Staff will verify IEP information to provide comparable services. Once verified, a school reservation will be confirmed. Parents will provide required documentation to the school.

    The PreK Exceptional Student Education Program offers a variety of program models and options for children ages three through five who have been identified with developmental delay. In addition, children identified as visually impaired and deaf or hard of hearing receive services from birth through age three. For registration contact the ESE PreK office at (727) 588-6000 X 2184.

    Hospital/Homebound instruction is provided for students who are medically unable to attend school for an extended period of time. To determine appropriate program services, parents are encouraged to contact the Homebound office at (727) 669-1221.

    Gifted students enrolled in public, private or home school are served by the Gifted Program. For questions regarding the Gifted Program, contact Coral Marsh, Supervisor.

    The Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources System (FDLRS)  is a network of state and federally-funded centers throughout Florida. Support services are provided to exceptional student educators, children, parents, and community agencies. To contact Child Find, call (727) 793-2731.  For parent services, technology, or Human Resource Development, call (727) 793-2723.
    For more information, go to the FDLRS website at gulfcoast.fdlrs.org

    ESE Support Professionals are highly valued members of the school team. They play a vital role in ensuring that students with disabilities are provided access to and make progress in the general education curriculum.

    Special Olympics Florida provides sports training and Olympic-style competition to more than 15,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities throughout the state. Pinellas County is an accredited local program through Special Olympics Florida.
    Special Observances

    October 15th is Dyslexia Awareness Day. Light it Red for Dyslexia date was selected to represent the 1 in 5 people considered to be on the dyslexia continuum. Red was chosen to symbolize the dreaded RED pen often used to correct work. Students with dyslexia usually see red pen in a negative context on their school work. By reclaiming red in a positive light, it is hoped to empower people with dyslexia.

    White Cane Safety Day is a national observance in the United States, celebrated on October 15 of each year since 1964. The date is set aside to celebrate the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired and the important symbol of blindness and tool of independence, the white cane.

    Students with disabilities who have left Pinellas County Schools and need to obtain copies of their records may contact Central Files at (727) 793-2701.
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