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    • Private School Services Request Form (K-12 only) for the 2019-20 School year.
       PPPSSD Form


    • Please also note if you change schools, you must resubmit your application for the new school.



    ESE Parentally Placed Private Schools Students with Disabilities (PPPSSD) - Questions and Answers


    1. What Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services will be available to eligible private schools students for the 2018-2019 school year?

    As a result of the April 2018 Annual Consultation with Private School Representatives and the parent survey, the following is an outline of the agreement for the 2018-2019 school year:

    • Evaluation and reevaluation of private school students.
    • Access to public school training for private school staff and parents.
    • Access to the ESE Parent Services Webpage
    • All ESE Services are up to a maximum of 60 minutes per week.
    •  Academic services- Varying Exceptionality (VE) are provided on the private school sites before or after school until the proportionate share is exhausted.
    • Therapy services are provided on the private school sites before or after school until the proportionate share is exhausted.
      • Students with Language Impairment may receive VE services
      • Speech/Language (K-12)
      • DHH Services (K-12)
      • Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy (K-12)
      • Vision Services (K-12)
      • Consultative services (K-12 case by case basis)
      • Behavior Supports and Training (K-12 case by case basis)
      • Services may be group or individual.


    2. If my child is eligible to receive services as a PPPSSD student, will the school district develop a new Individual Education Plan (IEP)?

    • No. Children in private schools are not entitled to a Free, Appropriate, and Public Education {FAPE}. The special education services to be provided will be described on a Service Plan (SP).


    3. Will the Service Plan include the same special education and related services that were on my child’s IEP when she/he was in public school?

    • No. The SP is only required to include the type and amount of special education that the school district will provide during the school year, as outlined in the annual consultation agreement.


    4. How will the Service Plan be developed?

    • A meeting will be scheduled and will include the parent(s), a teacher from the private school, private school representation and a Pinellas County Schools representative. The student may also be included as appropriate.



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