John McKay Scholarship

  • The John M. McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities was created to provide educational options for parents of disabled students in grades K through 12 living in Florida.
    Please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of participating in the McKay Scholarship program that can be found on the website at
    If you meet the eligibilty requirements, file for intent online at the website above.

    DETERMINING ELIGIBILITY: In order to be eligible for the McKay Scholarship Program, a student must:

    • Be currently enrolled in a Florida public school
    • Have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan AND meet one of the following attendance requirements:
    • Have been enrolled and reported for funding in a public school for the year prior to applying for the scholarship (grades K-12); or
    • Have been a pre-kindergarten student who was enrolled and reported for funding in a Florida public school during the year prior to entering Kindergarten and applying for the scholarship; OR 
    • Have attended the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind during the preceding school year’s student membership surveys (grades K-12).

    • To file intent, you will need your child’s last name, birth date, and the name of the last school attended in Florida.
    • Once you have filed your intent, keep your confirmation number, as you will need it to check the status of your application in the future.
    The process can take up to 30 days before a determination is made. In the meantime, you may begin looking into the schools that accept the John M. McKay Scholarship program.
    Information on private schools can be found on the Florida DOE website mentioned above. Please keep in mind, under the McKay scholarship rules, transportation to and from the school, whether public or private, is parentally provided.
    CHOOSING A SCHOOL: When confirmation of the Scholarship award is received and you wish to use the Scholarship program to have your child attend a participating public or private school, please follow the steps below:
    • Public school choice: Submit your official request by calling the McKay office at (727) 588-5090. Allow up to three weeks to receive notification if your request was granted. More information will be provided at that time.
    • Private school choice: Contact the school directly to register and complete enrollment. Once this is completed, formally withdraw the student from the public school system. Failure to meet these requirements could result in a loss of eligibility in the program or reduced funding.

    It is your responsibility to keep your address up to date with both the School Board of Pinellas County and the Florida Department of Education in order to receive important updates, such as re-evaluations and testing.

    If you have any questions regarding McKay Scholarships, you may contact the Pinellas County Schools McKay Office at (727) 588-5090 or the Florida Department of Education Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice at 1-800-447-1636.

    2021 Mckay Scholarship Annual Notice - English

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