• PTA=Parent Teacher Association

    SAC=Student Advisory Council

    Pod=One of the two stand-alone buildings on the Lakeview campus. A pod contains more than one classroom within a larger room. The building houses three 1st grade and one 2nd grade class. It is located directly west of the main office and entrance.

    Kindergarten Pod=The permanent building which houses two of the kindergarten classes. It is located next to the cafeteria.

    Portable=portable classroom building

    Café=also known as the cafeteria

    Literacy Circle=An optional before school activity for 3rd-5th grade students. Teachers, staff and parents lead small group discussions to help develop reading comprehension, similar to a book club.

    Recreational Reading Calendar=Monthly calendar given to kindergarten-2nd grade students to record number of days they have read or been read to for at least 20 minutes. Students initial days read. Calendars are signed by a parent and turned in each month (two months during winter and summer breaks) by the designated date. A small reward or activity is planned for those who successfully complete the calendar.

    Jogathon=A spring event typically held on the Friday before Spring Break. All students participate in the challenge to run or walk around the track as many times as possible. 

    FCAT=Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Standardized tests given to 3rd-5th grade students.

    Florida WRITES=Writing test given to 4th grade students 

    Dolphin=Lakeview mascot

    Media Center=Contains library books and other media for student use

    Agenda=A student’s personal planner/calendar which is used to record homework assignments, parent signatures and any other correspondence. Students in 1st-5th grades use these.

    Homework packet=The packet of homework assignments handed out each Monday to kindergarten students

    Missed Homework=Received when homework is incomplete, unacceptable, unsigned or not turned in. May also be received when the agenda is not signed. A form is sent home for parent signature and must be returned the following day along with the missing assignment.

    Tardy=Arrival after 8:30 am or departure after 3:00 pm

    Detention=30 minute time period served after school for infractions of policies governing fundamental schools regarding behavior, homework or class work.

    SIP=Student Improvement Plan

    Innisbrook=Primary school fundraiser held at the beginning of the school year. This is the name of the company that Lakeview uses. Catalog and internet orders are taken for gift wrap, small gifts and gift foods, such as chocolates or nuts.

    Winter Store=PTA sponsored store during the holiday/gift-giving season. Parent volunteers assist children in choosing and wrapping special gifts for family and friends.

    Fall Carnival=Evening of family fun held at the school with games, food and friendship. Parent volunteers work booths for each classroom while fulfilling a PTA meeting requirement. Children may dress as their favorite storybook character.

    Dine with Dolphins=A family evening event which includes a meal provided at a nominal cost and fulfills a PTA meeting requirement

    Jump Up=As in “to the next grade level”. Typically, the last PTA meeting of the school year is referred to as the “Jump Up” meeting when parents meet teachers at the next grade level and get a brief overview of grade level curriculum and expectations.

    Early Release Day=Students are released at 12:30 pm. A modified schedule is followed on these days and students do have a 30-minute lunch period. Sometimes this is referred to as a “half day.”

    PRIDE Awards=This is a set of awards given each year to fifth-grade students who have demonstrated highest-level achievement in social studies, science, math, and writing. The awards ceremony is held in April of each year.

    Turn-Around Student Award=The award is new to Lakeview this year, but has been around for a while. The award is given by Strike and Spare Fun Centers and honors a fifth grade student who has made great progress in academic and behavior from prior years.

    IEP (Individual Education Plan)=Is designed for students who have been identified as exceptional education students.

    EP (Educational Plan)=Designed for students in the gifted program

    504 Plan=A plan for students that have a medical disability that interferes with their learning ability. The plan outlines accommodations, so the student can be successful.

    AIP (Academic Improvement Plan)=Developed for general education students who are not meeting expectations. The plan lists interventions that are used to help the student achieve grade level expectations.

    ELP (Extended Learning Program)=This is a program that helps students who need additional assistance with reading or other skills.

    ESE=Exceptional Student Education

    LSP=Literary Success Program

    SLD=Specific Learning Disabilities

    SI=Speech Impaired

    LI=Language Impaired

    ESOL=English for Speakers of Other Languages

    The following are tests that students may take at Lakeview. These are all in addition to FCAT:
    DAR=Diagnostic Assessment of Reading
    SRI=Scholastic Reading Inventory
    DRA=Diagnostic Reading Assessment
    Dibels=Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills
    Kaplan=County common assessments that measure reading, writing and math
    PIAP=Pinellas Instructional Assessment Plan. This assessment plan includes all of the Kaplan tests throughout the year.