Lakeview Fundamental Library

  • Library Media Vision:

    We foster discerning life-long learners by providing instruction and resources equally for all students.

    Library Media Mission:

    The Mission of the Lakeview Library Media Program is to ensure that all students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  

    Lakeview Fundamental Library Handbook 

    for students, parents and teachers.


    Library Hours

    8:00 a.m.- 2:45 p.m.

    Students have daily access to the library. 

    Come before school or on your way to dismissal for booktalks and checkout.

    Classes are on a fixed schedule during school hours with open time available when needed.


    Library schedule



    Storytimes are weekly and library lessons

    are available to 3-5  students on subjects ranging from internet safety, 

    student-friendly internet resources, research using the IIM model, ebooks and more.

    Our library has 8,500 books with access to 1,800 ebooks and magazines through Destiny, Sora and MackinVia.


    Battle of the Books

    Club Meets Thursdays at 7:45







    News Crew

    News crew

    5th graders can apply to be news anchors.


    News Crew application




    Your student will find our school's library database.

    and all of Pinellas County's online resources in


    Login with student's R2.D2 and password.

    If you need  help, contact our librarian, Ms. Smith.

    Look for these ICONS


    and our Destiny Library Catalog

            Destiny Library Search

    Visit your Personal Learning Pathway

    Read Online with SORA, MACKINVIA

    or our DESTINY library DATABASE

         Destiny Library Search


    We suggest you visit your local Public Library

    Here is a link to the 

    St. Pete Public Library System