Student Government Association

    ​Sponsored by: Mrs. Tunsil

     Anybody who would like to be a student officer or apart of SGA !!PLEASE!! come see me in classroom B-211  Thank You!
    Student President:
    Meeting time: after school 2:20pm
    Location of Meeting: B-211
    Trips/Fundraisers:  Their are occasional trips and fundraisers.
    More Information about SGA:
    1. Have a cumulative un-weighted GPA of 2.0 or higher.
    2. Have exemplary conduct and behavior. 
    3. Be approved by the faculty and behavior.
    4. Have a desire to serve, respond, and voice opinions of classmates.
    5. Be able to attend SGA meetings and functions.
    6.  Be able to work on projects after school and on Saturdays when necessary.
    7. Be willing to participate in money-making activities and be responsible  for any inventory they check out.
    8. Be responsible for money collected during sales (even if lost or stolen)
    9. Have time to attend weekly/monthly meetings and participate in SGA activities. 
     About SGA