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    I want You   Mr. Brandon Cooper
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    Salutations Lakewood Volunteers/Mentors!


    We are always seeking good folk to assist with our vast array of extracurricular actives. Sharing is caring, and we greatly appreciate those who volunteer their time with us. If you have anyone in mind who you think would enjoy doing the same and becoming a part of our Lakewood community send them my way please, it’d be greatly appreciated.


    Click for info on Our Mentoring Workshops Pinellas County Schools Virtual Mentor Workshops For more information on volunteering in our Pinellas County School, please register  Volunteer Registration. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me using the information provided above. Be well and have an awesome day.

    Thank YouOn behalf of our Administration, Faculty, and Staff for volunteering your time here at Lakewood!






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    Family & Community Liaison


    Tel: 727-893-2916 ext 2307