School Counseling Program

  • School Counseling Program
    The mission of the Sawgrass Lake Elementary Counseling Department is to nurture and inspire students to reach their fullest potential in their academic, personal/social, and career development.

    Commitment to Character
    Commitment to Character, the Pinellas County Schools district model for character development, utilizes a common language, teachable moments, literature, service learning, and modeling to teach character in all curriculum areas. The goal of the program is to create a school culture that is saturated with respect, responsibility, honesty and other character qualities to prepare students for college, career and life. We encourage parents to emphasize the same character traits at home. When working with students, staff members stress the importance of being honest with themselves and others, feeling confident about themselves so that they are motivated to learn each day, respecting differences and knowing their responsibilities at home and at school. You can find out more about the Commitment to Character program by clicking here.

    Classroom Lessons
    Developmental classroom lessons are provided for all students in grades K through 5. Topics include character education, social skills, conflict resolution, career awareness, and much more! I will be visiting each class every six weeks throughout the school year.

    Small Group Counseling
    Group counseling is offered to help students with a variety of needs. Groups may focus on topics such as friendship skills, family changes, or anger management. Teachers or parents may request that a student participate in small group counseling. Parent permission is necessary before a student can participate in a small group.

    Individual Counseling
    Short term counseling, crisis intervention, and problem solving skills are available for individual students as needed. Referrals to community agencies can be provided for ongoing support.

    Community Referrals
    Assistance with referrals is available to community programs that offer family support. This may include tutoring services, counseling services, Clothes to Kids, Hospice, Toys for Tots and the Pack-A-Snack program.

    For assistance, please contact Melissa Leech at (727) 570-3121