Volunteer or Mentor

    Please contact Jenny Payne at 727/570-3121 to begin the volunteer registration process.

    IMPORTANT: All volunteers are required to be registered and MUST have an approved status to attend all field trips. It takes about two weeks to complete this process, so please make sure you have registered with us in advance of any field trip or volunteer opportunity you are considering.

    Pinellas volunteer applicants are also required to show a legal, government issued photo ID upon registration to verify their name and date of birth. Information on the registration form is used to conduct a background check by Campus Police. All information is for program use only and will not be given to any other organization, group or person. Pinellas County Schools reserves the right to refuse volunteer assignments to individuals convicted of offenses pursuant to 112.011, Florida Statutes (1997).

    Because student safety is the responsibility of the school, always report to the school office before you begin your volunteer activity. Begin by signing in with the front office and obtaining a Badge Pass visitors badge. Wearing your name badge while at the school and during your volunteer activity will ensure that school staff and students can easily identify you. Please take a moment to log in your volunteer hours by signing-in on our Community Access Computer in the front office. The Focus Volunteer System keeps a record of your hours of service, which the school will receive recognition for based on the number of volunteer hours accumulated over the school year.