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    FSA 2016 News: 

    Florida Standards Assessment FSA
    Students in grades 3-5 will be taking the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) in reading (ELA – English Language Assessment) and math, and also in writing in grades four and five. Preparation for the FSA includes not only assuring students understand the academic standards, but are also comfortable with the testing format. Practice tests for the FSA’s that will be given in March and April are available at the FDOE site and can be accessed through the link below.  Fifth grade students only will be taking the FCAT Science test in May.  Additionally, you will find links to other online resources such as ST MATH and IStation that are excellent programs for students to extend their learning beyond the school day.
    March 1st:  Writing FSA for grades 4 and 5
    March 29th -30th:  FSA ELA FSA for grade 3
    March 31st-April 1st:  FSA MATH for grades 3 and 4
    April11th-15th: FSA ELA for grade 5 (online computer based test)
    April 18th-22nd: FSA MATH for grade 5 (online computer based test)
    April 25th-29th:  FSA ELA for grade 4 (online computer based test)
    May 2nd- May 3rd  Science FCAT for grade 5
    Training Tests and other FSA Resources
    FCAT Explorer for fifth grade science
    ST Math for all grades
    IStation for all grades
    Words to Know for Testing Success
    Questions and Answers about the new FSA test this Spring 2015