Media Center Information

  • open library books

     Media Center Expectations: 

    All books are to be returned in a timely manner in the condition in which they were checked out. Lost or damaged books may result in a fine. 

    Do not eat or drink with your library book

    Have clean hands when you read your library book

    Do not color, write or use scissors with your library book

    Put your book in a safe location away from smaller children or pets

    Report any accidents so they can be fixed. 

    Please do not tape a torn page. Mrs. Reeves may be able to repair the book


    VPK and Kindergarten will choose 1 book for reading.  VPk and Kindergarten will keep their library books on site. 

    Students in grades 1st through 5th grade will have an opportunity to check out up to 2 books. 

    Sunshine State Young Readers List 
    All books are available through Clever in MackinVia or Sora.
    Do you know you can read electronic books from our school library? Check out this video on how to access them: 
    What apps do I need to read electronic books from PPE library?  e books