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    Parents please use the links below for information about Pinellas Park Elementary School:


     Weekly Calendar: Pinellas Park Elementary Weekly Calendar March 18

    Dress Code

    Parent student password tips

    March Lunch Menu


    FSA practice test and information for students and families

    Assessment Plan – Pinellas Park Elementary

    Assessment Coordinator:  Wendy Bryan/Karen Vargus


    Tuesday, April 2     

    4th and 5th Grade Writing Assessment

    120 minutes – Begin at 9:00AM


    Tuesday, Wednesday, April 3 and 4         

    3rd Grade ELA Session I and II

    80 Minutes – Begin at 9:00AM


    Wednesday and Thursday, May 1 and 2   

    4th Grade ELA Session I

    80 minutes – Begin at 9:00AM


    5th Grade ELA Session II

    80 minutes – Begin at 9:00AM


    Tuesday, Wednesday, May 7 and 8         

     3rd Grade Math Session I and II

    80 minutes – Begin at 9:00AM


    4th Grade Math Session I and II

    80 minutes – Begin at 9:00AM


    5th Grade Math Session I and II

    80 minutes – Begin at 9:00AM



    Thursday, Friday, May 9 and 10           

     5th Grade Science Session I and II

     80 minutes – begin at 9AM


    Thursday and Friday, May 9 and 10       

     3rd Grade Math Session I and II

    Small Groups ONLY




    important reminder clip art

    Families and Students: Spring Break Reminder

    No school for students Friday, March 8.

    Spring Break Vacation Monday, March 11 to Friday, March 15. 


    Myon Dive contest

    Spring Challenge st math





    USF Leadership Academy Swearing In Ceremony

    Judge William Overton oversees ceremony

     USF leadership celebration

    More pictures of the USF Leadership Celebration





    Pinellas Park Cafe Staff Celebrate Dr.Seuss' Birthday in Style 

    Click here for more cafe green eggs and ham breakfast 

    Pinellas Park Cafe staff Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday  

    Getting Ready for Green Eggs and Ham Getting Cafe Line Ready for Dr. Seuss






    tampa bay logo

    Thank you Tampa Bay Lightning

    Lightning Made Street Hockey Initiative 

    kids playing with hockey sticks

    hockey in PE tampa bay lightening in PE











    First Grade Field Trip to Florida Aquarium


    Florida Aquarium class pictures

    pic at aquarium









    safe kids

     FAQ’s about new safety procedures at Pinellas Park Elementary

     (All procedures are based on State and District requirements)


    Q:Can any parent come on campus?


    • A:Any parent may access the campus through the front office. They will need to be Badge Passed and escorted to their destination, and escorted back, leaving their sticker badge upon leaving.  They will need to sign in and out.
    • A:If they are level 2 cleared they need to sign in, be Badge Passed and do not need an escort. When they sign in they need to indicate their destination and sign out and leave their sticker badge upon leaving.

    Q:What if they are staying to volunteer?

    • A:If not Level 2 cleared they must always be in the sight of a PCSB employee, and escorted. They need to be Badge Passed, sign in and sign out, leaving their sticker badge upon leaving
    • A:If level 2 cleared they have to have scheduled times they will be on campus and the location. They will need to be Badge Passed sign in and sign out.
    • A:Volunteer times need to be limited to a maximum of 2 hours (special occasions and field trips will be taken into account). Staff you will have to assist with this if you have them volunteering with you.  You can call to have the L1 (non L2 cleared) to be escorted if you are with your students.  Or you may escort them yourself.

    Q:What about Pre K parents accessing campus?

    A:Pre K parents have to access daily to sign their child in, it is a requirement of their program (federal funding).  Pre K parents have ID badges.  They will be Badge Passed monthly to ensure their clearance.


    Q:What if a parent is a chaperone?

    A:They will need to be a registered volunteer.  If an L1 volunteer, then sign in and be Badge Passed and stay within the PCSB employee.  If L2 cleared, sign in and Badge Passed, may leave sight of the PCSB employee.


    Q:Can parents enter the back gate?

    A:Not unless they are a Pre K parent with a PRE K  ID badge.


    Q: Can a parent eat lunch with their child?

    A: Yes.  Parents will need to sign in, be Badge Passed, L1 will need an escort, L2 will not need to be escorted.  Lunch locations are the picnic tables or court yard.  Each L1 parent will need to be escorted back (L2 does not need to be) and sign out and leave the Badge Pass in the front office.


    We are required to conduct a monthly fire drill and safety drill: weather, active assailant, etc.

    Due to students’ safety the date and time will not be publicized.  Each week, prior to, there will be a School Message reminding families of an active assailant drill.

    Videos and information regarding the active assailant drills is posted on our website, PCSB website and within various news media sites.


    If you continue to have questions, please contact Wendy Bryan, Principal at or our School Resource Officer Jack Paris at







    bears  Pinellas Park Elementarybears

    Our Vision:

    As a community, we will provide the necessary support to all scholars so that they will succeed and reach the highest level of student achievement.

    Our Mission:

    All stakeholders will work together in a cooperative partnership, which will enable our scholars to become contributing citizens and lifelong learners. Together we will provide a balanced curriculum that is driven by data and based on individual needs.

    Our Motto:

    Pinellas Park Elementary Bears are on our way to an A!

    Our Values:

    Commitment to Children, Families and Community

    Respectful and Caring Relationships

    Cultural Competence




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