• Calvin Hunsinger School is a K-12 center that serves Exceptional Education Students who have sensory, emotional, or  behavioral challenges.   The primary method of assisting students at Calvin Hunsinger School with behavior change is the Positive Behavior Support Program (PBS).  Positive refers to a change of focus from reactive to proactive teaching and recognizing what children are doing right.

     It is an overall shift in the school climate to a learning environment where students and staff feel appreciated, safe, and respected; it is a collaborative, proactive, and educative approach.  Character education and Trauma Informed Care are included in the PBS model.

    Our re-integration specialist works to provide various opportunities for Hunsinger students to re-enter general education and community settings.
    Our school participates in the Community Eligibility Provision Program which enables us to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost to our student population of approximately 115.
    Please feel free to call the school at 727-469-4260 if you have any questions regarding our program.