• All state-required, standardized, and district-developed assessments are channeled through the Assessment division of the Assessment, Accountability & Research Department. The division is responsible for:

    • facilitating the development of district assessments to monitor student progress in state-assessed courses

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    • facilitating the development of district assessments to measure student achievement in courses not assessed by the state
    • managing the deployment and administration of all state, standardized, and district assessments
    • training test coordinators and test administrators
    • analyzing data from state, standardized, and district-developed assessments
    • creating reports for district and school personnel in order to disseminate student testing data
    • advising personnel about the interpretation and appropriate use of assessment results
    • supporting the district assessment and reporting platform, Performance Matters
     Questions related to state and standardized assessments can be directed to:
     Questions related to district assessments and MAP assessments can be directed to:
     Questions related to Performance Matters can be directed to:

    District Assessment Calendars for SY2021-22




    Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)

                   Assessment Resources

    Assessments - Explanation of all Statewide administered assessments, includes student performance related assessments as well as certifying teacher and administrator information.
    End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments - All about EOC assessments.
    Assessment Schedules - Statewide Assessment Schedules as established according to the Florida FLDOE for FSA and FCAT 2.0 Assessments, CELLA, FAA, and NAEP.
    FSA Mathematics Reference Sheets: