• All state-required, standardized, and district-developed assessments are channeled through the Assessment division of the Assessment, Accountability & Research Department. The division is responsible for:

    • facilitating the development of district assessments to monitor student progress in state-assessed courses


    • facilitating the development of district assessments to measure student achievement in courses not assessed by the state
    • managing the deployment and administration of all state, standardized, and district assessments
    • training test coordinators and test administrators
    • analyzing data from state, standardized, and district-developed assessments
    • creating reports for district and school personnel in order to disseminate student testing data
    • advising personnel about the interpretation and appropriate use of assessment results
    • supporting the district assessment and reporting platform, Performance Matters
     Questions related to state and standardized assessments can be directed to:
     Questions related to district assessments and the Stanford-10 assessment can be directed to:
     Questions related to Performance Matters can be directed to:

    Assessment Calendars


    For the complete listing of Assessment Calendars, please visit the PCS website:




    Professional Development


    AAR is fully committed to providing training and enrichment to its district staff members as it relates to their job function....(Continued)

    FL DOE


    Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)

    Assessment Resources

    Assessments - Explanation of all Statewide administered assessments, includes student performance related assessments as well as certifying teacher and administrator information.
    End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments - All about EOC assessments.
    Assessment Schedules - Statewide Assessment Schedules as established according to the Florida FLDOE for FSA and FCAT 2.0 Assessments, CELLA, FAA, and NAEP.
    FSA Mathematics Reference Sheets: