Requests To Do Research


    Thank you for considering Pinellas County Schools for your research project.  As the district receives many requests to conduct research, a process to review these requests has been developed.

    Please read the Procedures for Conducting Research (pdf) in Pinellas County Schools prior to submitting your research application.  Interested study investigators should contact the IRB prior to communication with district or school staff regarding study proposals or participation.
    In order to process your request, please complete the Application to Conduct Research (pdf) and submit electronically to Dr. Autumn Frei at:
    Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the application. (Tip:  For best results, download the Application to Conduct Research to your computer prior to completing the form.)


    Applications for study investigations in the 2020-21 SY will be reviewed at three time points a year; the schedule is:


     Application Received By

     Review Period

    Projected Response

     January 1st  Month of January   February 15th
     May 1st  Month of May  June 1st
     September 1st  Month of September  October 1st

    Overview of the Research Application Review Process

    Applicants can expect a 4 to 6 week processing period after submission.  Upon review of all submitted applications, applicants will be notified of next steps.  Next steps could entail revisions, submission of additional documentation, and/or clarification of questions/concerns noted by the committee.


    If the IRB committee approves the application, the committee will issue a Preliminary Determination Letter; this can be submitted to the applicant’s university IRB (if applicable).  The Preliminary Determination Letter will include the item(s) needed to complete the final approval process.  No activities with human subjects (including, but not limited to, participant recruitment, pilot testing, surveys, etc.) may be conducted under the preliminary determination.  Upon receipt of all items identified in the Preliminary Determination Letter, the PCS IRB committee will issue a Final Approval Letter that allows data collection for the study to begin.


    The AAR Institutional Review Board

    The AAR Institutional Review Board consists of five AAR staff members who are knowledgeable about PCS data, research and evaluation methods, and statistical analyses.  When applicable, input from other departments or programs, who are familiar with a particular research topic, will be requested to provide feedback regarding the relevance of the study.  The applicant will be advised to re-submit if revisions are required.  The research applicant will be notified by email once a decision has been made.  If your research application is denied, there is no appeal process; however, applicants may request a meeting with the IRB to discuss the decision.

    If you should have any questions pertaining to the application, please contact the Assessment, Accountability, and Research office at (727) 588-6253.