Program Evaluation

  • Educational Research and Program Evaluation


    Program Evaluation and Educational Research is responsible for the evaluation of different programs within the school district. Program Evaluation also oversees educational research and program evaluations being conducted within the school system by an outside evaluator or researcher.
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    All research requests must be reviewed and approved in writing by the Program Evaluation unit. This review is designed to protect student confidentiality and ensure quality research.

    Educational Research is defined as any data collection from or about Pinellas County Schools (PCS), students, parents, staff, departments or systems. Research includes, but is not limited to, data collection for a national or statewide study (other than reporting requirements mandated by the state or federal government), a thesis or dissertation, a grant, a publication in a journal or book, or a higher education class project. Data collection includes, but is not limited to, interviews, surveys, observations, and assessments. 

                            Procedures and Forms:  Educational Research, Studies and Program Evaluation
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