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I am proud to be the principal of Calvin Hunsinger School. In our school everyone is learning every day: students, teachers, and the principal. lt is my challenge to see that all students are learning at their highest potential in a safe school environment. I believe a principal can have a great impact on student learning gains, but not as great as parent involvement. I highly encourage you to take an active role in the academic growth of your child by reading to them and letting them read to you. Please see that your child attends school every day, rested, dressed appropriately and ready to learn. I believe Calvin Hunsinger is the best place for your student to be five days a week. I look forward to working with you to educate your student. If you have ideas, thoughts, or concerns you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.

Douglas Keimig. Principal

 Welcome to Calvin Hunsinger School, home of the Dolphins.  We have a dedicated and caring staff that strives every day to ensure our students make learning gains.  They do this by building a positive and strong relationship with each child.  I believe this relationship is the foundation our students need to learn and grow both academically and behaviorally.  It is also important to recognize that we cannot do this without the support of our students' families.  Working together as a team we can help each child find success.  Please encourage your child to read, write, and practice their math at home. 

Heidi D'Ambrosio, Assistant Principal