Extended Learning Program

  • Promise Time is an afterschool program for students to receive tutoring in reading. Students will receive 60-90 minutes of blended (online/teacher-directed) instruction.

    Each participant will be given an i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction adaptive assessment in reading. An adaptive assessment is a test that automatically adjusts the difficulty of questions according to each student’s performance in order to determine his or her abilities. The online instruction is designed to be both challenging and engaging. Students will also be able to access the i-Ready program from home.

    Please contact Kim Hall for more information @ hallki@pcsb.org.

    This is a year-long program.

    YMCA students – Mondays and Wednesdays (3:15-4:00pm)

    Non-YMCA students – Tuesdays and Thursdays (3:15-4:30pm)


    Promise Time Extended Learning Program