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  • Thanks to our Family & Community Involvement , Starkey continues to be a 5 Star Awarded School by the State of Florida!
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    Volunteer Registration Process

    Online Volunteer Registration Form

    Starkey Elementary has earned the Five Star School Award for over a decade. This award is given annually only to schools which have satisfied the multiple requirements demonstrating total family and community involvement. This portfolio is available for inspection.

    Starkey Elementary has offered a well-rounded academic foundation for students for almost half-a-century. Believing that every child can learn, we are always looking for volunteers since some students need a little extra time and attention to be successful. No special experience is required -- only patience, flexibility, commitment, and a fondness for children. All volunteers will be required to fill out a volunteer registration form available by clicking on the above link. Simply complete your registration form online.


    Level 2 FAQ

    Level 2 Volunteers FAQ

    If volunteers are unsupervised with students or the school requires an additional level of screening (fingerprint screening processed through the FBI/FDLE - Federal Bureau of Investigation and Florida Department of Law Enforcement) please follow the Level 2 process below. 

    • Volunteers must be approved in the volunteer system before obtaining a Level 2 fingerprint screening. The screening vendors are listed below.
      • Volunteers will need to bring a Government Issued ID, and provide a social security number to the vendor.
    • The fingerprint results will be sent to the Office of Strategic Partnerships within 5 business days. The volunteer's profile will be updated to Level 2 upon receipt of the results. Please contact the school you volunteer at to confirm your profile has been updated to Level 2.
    • The Family & Community Liaison will give you an authorization form to acquire your Level 2 photo ID badge. 
    • Please wear your Level 2 photo ID badge when on the school campus or school sponsored events.
    • Level 2 screenings are valid for five years. All level 2 volunteers will need to be rescreened prior to/or after the five year expiration date if you wish to continue volunteering in an unsupervised capacity. 

    If you have been fingerprinted by your employer, please ask your HR Department to provide the screening results, or an email confirming you were FBI/FDLE screened, the date of the screening and that you're a current employee to the Office of Strategic Partnerships for review and approval. 


    computer sites

    Instructions for Portal/Focus

    Instructions for Portal/Focus
    Please be sure to record ALL your volunteer hours in the Portal/Focus volunteer system. EVERY hour counts whether you are in the classroom, helping at a special event, working on a project from home or participating in our PTA!


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    Returning Volunteer Instructions

    How to Re-Activate Your Volunteer Status
    Returning volunteers must re-activate their status in the Portal/Focus volunteer system at the beginning of each school year in order to volunteer in the classrooms, chaperone field trips and more.


    The Great American Teach In

    The Great American Teach In

    Each year during the Great American Teach In, we enrich our student's lives by sharing our time and teaching them something new. Our students love making crafts, hearing stories, learning about hobbies, talents and careers within our community. To participate in this exciting and fun filled day, please sign up in our office or simply download this form and return to Starkey Elementary.


    Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer Interest Form

    A tutor may work with individual or small groups of students who need to reinforce basic skills in a subject. These volunteers work under the direction of a teacher. Training is available, but not required.

    A mentor works with a struggling or discouraged student to motivate that child to stay focused on school. A mentor is basically a friend and a role model. Mentors are required to attend a two hour workshop.

    Classroom Assistants work closely with classroom teachers by assisting them in preparing instructional material and interacting with students.

    Library/Media Center assistants will work under the direction of our librarian. They may work at the circulation desk, and/or assist in book preparation and repair. Other duties may included preparing overdue notices, and assist with other clerical, artistic, and technical duties. Volunteers are also needed for special events including but not limited to: Book Fairs; RIF; Battle of the Books. 


    Volunteer Handbook

    Volunteer Handbook

    Download the Volunteer Handbook
    Helpful information is provided for our volunteers in this handbook published by the Office of Strategic Partnerships.


    Mentor Matters

    Mentor Workshops

    Mentor Training Workshops

    The county holds free workshops that are required in order to become a mentor. Please check the schedule and sign up for one that is convenient for you.



    Starkey's Volunteer Cafe'
    Join our volunteers each month as we get together to work on various classroom projects. Dates January 7,2022, February 4th, 2022, March 4,2022, April 1, 2022 and May 6,2022.


    adopt a class

    Adopt A Class

    Adopt-a-Class Form
    Adopt-a-Class Sponsors Make a Difference at Starkey Elementary!
    100% of the money goes directly to the class being sponsored to purchase items that will enhance learning opportunities (i.e. computer software, books, math, materials, supplies, and at times to supplement class field trips, etc.).
    Any individual, family, or business can be an Adopt-a-Class Sponsor.
    A full adoption is $150, however any amount is accepted and applied to the classroom or program of choice.
    PE, music, art, media, and other staff members who enhance the development of our children can be sponsored as well.



    Volunteer Program Information

    Thank you for volunteering in our school! Throughout this website , you will find MANY opportunities to volunteer. We NEED you to help our students and programs. We greatly appreciate you!

     Dear Starkey Elementary volunteers. Please do not forget to log ALL your volunteer hours including meetings, activities, classroom and office assistance, media center, projects, field trips etc. Every minute of your time matters and is valued by our school. While you may think a half a hour here, a half a hour there- unrecorded of volunteer time is not a big deal, I have to tell you it is a HUGE deal. One way of measuring student success is through our recorded volunteer hours. This is reflected annually in our 5 star school award, 26 years running strong! We also want to recognize those volunteers based on their hours at the end of the year appreciation event. 

     To register to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer registration form online at ‪www.pcsb.org/page/459. If you are already a registered volunteer, you may access your Portal account through any computer with an internet connection by going to ‪www.pcsb.org clicking on the “PORTAL” link on the left side of the screen and then logging in.  To log in, your user ID is: v.last name first initial (all lowercase), and password: Last name and birth year (first letter is Capitalized). If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at ‪727-547-7841 ext 2045 or ‪shivelyvi@pcsb.org

     In addition to our PTA programs, some of our current volunteer needs include Media Center, Math Tutors, Reading Tutors and Lunch Pal Mentors( free 2 hour training class is required). Please contact me if you are available to help in any of these areas.

    Thank you so very much for all that you do, have a happy and safe 2021-2022 school year!

    Victoria Shively

    Family and Community Liaison/Volunteer Coordinator 

    Starkey Elementary School

    727-547-7841 ext 2045

    Just for Parents

    Just for Parents

    Just for Parents Newsletter
    The Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Family and Community Outreach is pleased to present you with our “Just for Parents” newsletter.


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    Get Engaged in Education

    Get Engaged in Education
    November is Parental Involvement in Education Month!
    To find out how you can get engaged in your child's education or review some helpful parent tips, click the link above!