Thanks for your interest in Advanced Academics and Talent Development!

    The Advanced Studies and Academic Excellence Department mission is to provide all students with access to rigorous courses that lead to post-secondary success.

    At Starkey we offer pull-out Gifted Services where scholars are immersed into the Florida Frameworks for Gifted Education one day per week with grade level peers. This curriculum focuses on building knowledge, asking questions, safe research, critical and creative thinking, leadership, goal setting and authentic products.  The goal of the Gifted Program in Pinellas County is to go beyond the general education curriculum, to challenge students to reach their learning potential, and to stimulate their multiple intelligences.

    The 2022-2033 theme is Space and Innovation. The curriculum incorporates the history of space travel, importance of space exploration, and information about the solar system. This year scholars were able to have hands on exploration with two field trips: one to the SPC Planetarium and the other to MOSI (the Museum Of Science and Industry in Tampa).



     The 2022-2023 Gifted Schedule at Starkey is as follows:

    • Tuesdays: 4th Grade
    • Wednesdays: 3rd Grade
    • Thursdays: 5th Grade
    • Fridays: Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade


    Gifted Resources for Parents: https://www.pcsb.org/Page/3305


    The Talent Program was created to provide enrichment opportunities for those who have shown above average abilities but may not meet the state’s requirement for Gifted Identification. At Starkey, Talent Development 2022-2023 is for scholars in grades 3 - 5. They participate in small group sessions that allow them to interact with content to enrich their critical thinking pedagogy. Talent tasks integrate reading and writing into project-based learning while allowing scholars access to a Gifted Endorsed Teacher, Florida Frameworks for Gifted Education, and an opportunity to express and grow their talents.

    Talent Development Sessions are held during ELA Intervention times on Mondays.

    For more information about these programs at Starkey please contact the Gifted Coordinator, Heather McShane, by email mcshaneh@pcsb.org

    Meet Ms. McShane!

    Ms. McShane is a product of Pinellas County Public Schools and has fond memories of her gifted educational experiences. She has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Learning and Technology, and Endorsements in ESOL, Reading, and Gifted. Ms. McShane started her journey with Starkey Scholars in 2014. She infuses her love of critical thinking and technology into the classroom by incorporating many robotics projects and STEM Challenges. Ms. McShane wants to instill a love of learning in all her scholars, and hopes they know they are loved, welcome, and supported in her classroom.

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