Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

  • Happy Fall, Parents!
              As this school year zooms by, much has been happening and continues to happen.  Engagement Boxes for teachers are in the process of being labeled and numbered for classroom use.  These can be implemented during “down times” so that instruction continues when no formalized lesson is occurring.
              It is possible that our Guidelines for Success and Hurricane Rules will be redone since the pictures are old and need to be updated.
    Staff participated in all day ESE Handbook training on Monday Oct. 19th.
              Considering the fact that there are new MTSS members since our original inception 8 years ago, a refresher was given on exactly what MTSS is and means as well as the roles each member plays.
              The Touch Math curriculum, it was discovered, was not meeting our needs.  It presupposes a mastery of  pre-number concepts which many of our students don’t have.  Therefore, we’ve adopted the EQUALs curriculum which should re-enforce these foundational skills.
              On a somewhat positive note, our average number of behavior calls is down although the number of daily behavior calls is up slightly.  Our goal is to decrease this percentage by 5%.
              The MTSS committee broke our SIP Action Plans down into components and formed individual work groups to complete problem solving worksheets on each of them to assist with progress monitoring.  These workgroups are: (1) Reading, Writing, Math, (2) Science & STEM, (3) Social Studies & CTE and (4) Black Achievement & Student Engagement.
              Flyers will be going out shortly inviting parents to our Science Fair on November 4th.
    Vicki Rosado
    Nina Harris School Counselor