• Physical education

    The PE Department at Nina Harris is dedicated to getting all our students moving and participating in physical activity. We work on various sports skills throughout the year and build on the foundational principle that movement helps with brain development and processing tasks. Giving our students the opportunity to be physically active every day is an important component in strengthening not just their minds, but also their bodies. Every activity or skill bring worked on is presented to students at their individual ability level and then practice is provided to achieve improvement.

    It is important to the PE Department that students enjoy their PE time, because the more fun they have while being physically active, the more they will want to continue to be physically active. During the week, students get to ride bikes, use cardio equipment like treadmills if appropriate, go for a swim, play on the playground and enjoy our new sensory gym and equipment. There are even times when classes can take a walk at Broderick park if all permission slips are turned in. We have adapted equipment such as gait trainers, standers, and scooter boards to assist those who need it as well.

    We love helping our students realize what their bodies are capable of!

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