• Cambridge


    The Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum is an internationally recognized program of advanced studies administered and assessed by the world renowned University of Cambridge. Cambridge certification has been recognized for the past fifty years and valued for the high standards, lifelong skills and abilities developed by students in the program.


    Successful completion of the Cambridge series of courses is proof of a high quality education that encourages problem–solving and evaluation skills valued by the academic world and by businesses in over 140 countries.


    Students in the program are exposed to challenging and rigorous curriculum in English,

    Mathematics, and Science.


    • Develops a range of knowledge that will provide a solid

    foundation for each student’s future education.

    • Provides a progressive framework of learning outcomes

    that are appropriate for middle school students.

    • Provides a structure that places emphasis on the

    development of skills, as well as knowledge.

    • Provides a flexible system of assessment that enables

    the school to obtain the feedback needed to impact


    • Demonstrates current understanding of teaching and

    learning, including activities which reflect different

    learning styles.

    • Provides excellent preparation for students progressing to

    Cambridge approved high schools, or other highly rigorous

    programs, and the chance to earn high school credits.

    • Allows student the opportunity to participate a variety of electives including music, art, technology, and foreign language.

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