School is always more fun and rewarding when you are involved so we encourage all students to participate in the myriad of activities, sports and clubs that are offered at our school. Middle School activities, clubs and sports offerings allow students to develop skills, explore new passions or enhance current interests. Through their participation, students will find themselves broadening both intellectually and socially. Further, they cultivate their skills as leaders and as compassionate contributors to both the school and the TSMS community.

    TSMS also offers a before and after school program through the YMCA of the Suncoast.  Applications are available in the front office and at the grade level offices.  If you have any questions about the activities, clubs and sports at TSMS, please contact please contact the school at 727-943-5511 for more information.

    Check out our exciting list of ELP Programs, Activities, and Clubs below:



    ELP/After School Clubs