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    Volunteer Registration

    Volunteer Registration Form

    All volunteers MUST be registered!

    New volunteers must complete a Volunteer Registration Form. Both pages of the form must be completed. A copy of your driver's license is required to process your registration. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the approval process.

    Volunteers who have previously registered must reactivate each year to stay current.
    Please fill out the Volunteer & Employee Waiver Agreement Statement, only if your fingerprint results were sent to the Pinellas County School Board. This waiver, when filled out and signed by you, prevents the School Board from releasing your background results/records, unless otherwise submitted in writing by you.
    The below form is a sample of how to fill out the VECHS Waiver:

    fingerprint Level II Volunteers
    Level II Procedures
    Any volunteer who may have unsupervised contact with students must complete the Level II screening process. This typically impacts those volunteering for field trips. Level II volunteers must be fingerprinted and are subject to a national background check.

    Volunteers seeking Level II status may complete the screening at any school site when offered or go to EZ Fingerprints in Clearwater. The cost of this screening is paid by the volunteer.

    Level II volunteers will be notified when they become eligible to obtain their Level II ID badge.

    car Field Trip Drivers
    Insurance Information 
    In addition to having Level II volunteer status, field trip drivers must have a current copy of their vehicle insurance information on file with the school office. This usually needs to be updated every six months. The school office must also have a copy of your driver's license on file.

    Log Your Hours
    Please log your volunteer hours. We consider these a source of pride in our school. The county also uses the data for its records.

    Connect to http://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/index.php from any computer. (Please note: You need to use Mozilla Firefox browser for this site to work properly)

    Your username will be v.lastname+first initial in most cases. Names that are more common may need additional letters from your first name. Your password is Lastname (the first letter must be capitalized) followed by your birth year.

    Example: v.Smith, Smith19xx

    Once you are logged in, click Volunteers in the top left corner, then Add Hours. Use the drop down categories to detail your voluteerism. You may combine days/hours of service in one entry if desired. Click Enter these Hours before exiting.

    Our office staff will be happy to assist you with this process. Thank you for completing this additional task.