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Student Check-out Procedures

Parents requesting early check-out for their student(s) may write a note detailing the student’s name, time of dismissal and the reason. The student must go to Student Services, located in the Administration Office, that morning to receive a Permit to Leave slip. The student(s) must report to the Front Office at the time noted on the Permit to Leave. This alleviates any wait time for you when you come to pick up your student. If you call or come in, please understand that we do need time to get your student(s) for you and this may take up to 30 minutes. This will give the school the opportunity to look up the student’s schedule and send for them to meet you in the front office. Parents, for the safety of your student, it is important that we check the driver’s license of anyone picking up your student early from school. After 1:00 pm there will be no Permit to Leave slips written, due to using the proper method and time constraints for getting your child from class.