• The Montessori Method


    The Montessori Method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori because she was troubled by the rigid teaching techniques used in Europe at the time.  She felt these teaching techniques hindered many children in their learning efforts. Feeling that the young child had more potential for self-learning than traditional teaching methods allowed, she began to develop this potential through a sensorial approach which teaches the young child through their natural interest in exploring the world through their senses. The Montessori Method emphasizes the prepared environment (designed especially for the child) by utilizing specially-trained teachers and uniquely-designed learning materials and apparatus which are appealing to the child.

    Children explore the world through hands-on learning materials and achieve understanding beyond the memorization of simple facts. A life-long love for learning is the result of the work in the Montessori environment. Grace and courtesy lessons teach children of different ages and abilities to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Montessori education is character building, and encourages children to become responsible members of their learning community.

    The Montessori Academy:

    Our Montessori Academy has been adapted for operation within the structure of the Pinellas County school system. We strive to adhere to the underlying Montessori principles. Some of the notable features of our Montessori classrooms at Gulfport include:

    • A teacher and an assistant (called a "tonekeeper" by Dr. Montessori) in Montessori classrooms.
    • Individualized lessons presented in small groups based on each student's skill level.
    • Students develop the ability to focus on a task for extended periods and become independent learners as they explore the curriculum.
    • Students learn the importance of collaboration as they complete work and activities together.
    • Students may stay with the same teacher for two or more years (after Kindergarten).
    • 5th grade students are purposefully prepared for the rigor they will face when they enter middle school through cooperative learning environments and extended project activities.
    • Qualities such as grace, courtesy, and respect are emphasized in all grades as part of the Montessori curriculum.


    Does this program sound interesting?  Would it be the right fit for your family? CLICK HERE to download the Gulfport Montessori Academy information brochure, or watch our program's informational video.