Family Engagement


    Get Engaged in Education

    Staying engaged as a family can be hard with juggling schedules.
    Parent Power! 
    All parents believe that children can and will succeed.  Parents are the bridge to that success. You can accomplish this by taking these steps:
    Be responsible. - Make education a priority in your home.
    Be committed. - Continue supporting your child throughout the year.
    Be positive. - Provide positive feedback.
    Be patient. - Show your child that you care through your commitment and encouragement.
    Be attentive. - Discipline should be appropriate and consistent.  Provide them with an opportunity to correct behavior.
    Be precise. - Provide clear and direct instructions.
    Be mindful of mistakes. - Look over work and help him or her correct any errors.
    Be diligent. - Work with your child and teacher(s) throughout the year.
    Be innovative. - Keep learning lively and dynamic.
    BE THERE. - Just be there for your child - to answer questions, listen, to give advice, and to encourage.  Be there to support your child whenever needed.