School-wide Behavior Plan

  • paw

    We will begin using a school wide incentive program and we are going to call it



    1.       Students can earn cat cash, at any time, for doing the right thing at school, or walking the wildcat way.

    2.       Students will keep cat cash in their cat cash wallet or pouch. 

    3.       When students earn cat cash, they will write their name on their cash to prevent theft. 

    4.       Cat cash that is lost or stolen will not be replaced.

    5.       Students will use their cat cash to purchase items from the school store, during the last 10 minutes of their lunch  on their assigned school store day.

    6.       If your child forgets their cat cash in their classroom, they will have to wait until the following week to shop.

    7.       Cat cash will never be taken away.  Once it is earned it is theirs to keep.

    8.       Please do not send in real money with your child.  School store items can only be purchased with cat cash.

     Thank you to our PTA for helping us stock the School Store.  All of our students at Lake St George will benefit from this positive incentive program.