Transportation News


    The following information from the Transportation Department provides parents with their responsibilities regarding their child’s wheelchair in order to safely transport your child to and from school.


    Parental Responsibilities are as follows:

    1. The wheelchair brakes are in working condition.
    2. The wheels of the wheelchair are stable and properly aligned with the wheelchair. Flat tires need to be corrected promptly.
    3. The wheelchair has positioning belts that secures by a positive latch system.  The positioning belt should be attached to the wheelchair so that it will not cross the student’s abdomen.
    4. The wheelchair should be equipped with a footrest whenever possible.  Appropriate heel-loops and straps should be used to position the feet securely.
    5. Wheelchairs need to have a headrest or an extended back which supports your child’s head.
    6. The wheelchair is equipped with anti-tippers whenever practical.
    7. Wheelchairs with a tilt ’n’ space mechanism should have a locked position in which to maintain the wheelchair.
    8. Non-acid batteries are used on motorized wheelchairs since they are non-explosive and will not leak or spill.


    The Transportation Department will follow the recommendation of the IEP Team, treating therapist, and /or physician regarding the need for:

                      * Chest harness system secured through buckle fasteners.

                      * Neck collar when there is poor head control

                      * Armrest

                      * Trunk and extremity positioning


    It is the District’s responsibility to ensure the safety in transporting your child in his/her wheelchair.  If a wheelchair is deemed to be non-transportable because of needed repairs, you will be notified by your child’s school that we will not transport until repairs are made.  If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department or the school.