SAC -School Advisory Council

  • The School District and the State of Florida require every public school to have a functioning School Advisory Council (SAC). The primary function of a SAC is to help create, monitor and approve the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP).


    Membership of a SAC consists of parents, teachers, school support employees, community reps and the school principal. The majority of a SAC's members must be non-school employees-essentially parents that represent the ethnic diversity at San Jose.


    SAC membership at San Jose offers the opportunity for you to play an important part in the achievement of your child and of all San Jose students.


    Our San Jose SAC plays a significant role in San Jose being a prestigious Five Star School.


    If you are interested in receiving a copy of the SAC Meeting Minutes for a particular month, please contact the school to get a copy.



    Introducing the San Jose 2019-20 SAC Board - List is in progress (all are volunteers!)

    Lashona Dyer and Amy Hersh-Brown, SAC Chairperson
    Lisa Brown, Principal
    Katie Culverhouse
    Martha Gibson
    Amy Hersh-Brown, Faculty Rep
    Patty Southern
    Alicia McGee
    Sean Sullivan
    Arwen Bartholomew
    Amanda Proudfoot
    Angela Heuman, Asst. Principal


    Agendas and Minutes

    SAC Minutes for April 2019


    Agenda for March 2020 SAC meeting



    Feel Free to join us. For more information, Contact us at 727-469-5956 as your input to our SAC is valued.