Wheelchair Tips

  • As part of our commitment, we would like to give you information on items you should check before loading your child's wheelchair onto the school bus or when dropping off your child at school. These items will help us ensure the safety of your child on the school bus, as well as at school. 

    • Check all foot straps, harnesses and seat belts.
    • Check tire pressure and brakes.
    • Check for any loose screws, nuts and/or bolts.
    • Check for any broken parts.


    It is extremely important that all these items are in good working condition. If you have parts missing, items that require service or your child's wheelchair needs overall growth adjustments, please contact your wheelchair provider as soon as possible. 

    Some of the local wheelchair vendors are:
    Custom Mobility:  727-539-8119 or 1-800-622-5151
    Bay Care:  727 394-6527 or 1 800 940-5151

    We are always available to consult with you on your child's seating and positioning needs to ensure they meet our transportation guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact the therapy department at school.