• Unemployment Compensation

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    Q: We were told that if your pay is cut or hours reduced you can still apply for unemployment but some people have tried and the system says they are not eligible. 

    A: There’s a lot that has changed in the last 2.5 weeks and that has required both changes on the application side for the Florida Department of Opportunity (DEO) as well as a need to significantly increase staff laid off or furloughed employees, and employees with reduced hours should refer to the FAQ from DEO. Employees who were denied are able to appeal the department’s decision.  Additionally, employers that know they are going to be reducing hours or move to a Short Term Compensation system should apply on the employer log-in side of the CONNECT system (the state’s online unemployment system).  If you notice any patterns, please let Carolyn Johnson know at cjohnson@flchamber.com and she will report these to DEO. 

    Q: I can’t get a hold of anyone to apply for unemployment assistance?  What should I do?

    A: No one could have predicted the need and volume for reemployment assistance that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity is quickly working to get more people hired from across the state to address the volume of calls, emails and applications.  If you have a specific question, you can visit the FL Department of Economic Opportunity FAQs.

    Q:  Florida unemployment compensation is available for reduction in hours (partial unemployment).  Will an individual get the full $600 federal supplement increase if they apply (and qualify) for partial unemployment?  

    A: Yes under Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and for the Emergency Increase in Unemployment Compensation Benefits (assuming they don’t make more than $275). No under Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (only applies to total unemployment).

    Q:  If someone with reduced hours would get the $600 if they were technically eligible for partial unemployment (as they have experienced a reduction in hours) but they would not receive a weekly benefit allowance (WBA) in any given week because the hours worked/wages earned were enough that the calculation of WBA would still be zero.  Would they still get the $600 then? (but only the $600 because the WBA calculation is zero).  Or, if in any given week the WBA is zero because they got enough hours in that week (but still reduced from their full time status), they also don’t get the $600?

    A: If they earned more than $275 a week, they would not be eligible for partial unemployment under state law and would not be eligible for the $600.

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