•  Christopher Borg

    Christopher Borg

    Mr. Borg has been teaching at Lakewood High School for 15 years and in the CAT program for 11 years. He graduated from Saint Leo University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information System and in 2006 with a Master’s in Education Leadership. Mr. Borg is the District adviser and Lakewood adviser for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

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  • John Cortez

    John Cortez

    Mr. Cortez is a born and raised Pinellas County student-turned-faculty. He went to Osceola High but also got his unofficial CAT diploma (thanks Mr. Borg!) and graduated from San José State University in 2017. Mr. Cortez loves to play soccer, skateboard, and kayak around the bay.

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  • Lukas Hefty

    Lukas Hefty

    Mr. Hefty has been with Pinellas County Schools for 19 years. He has served as classroom teacher, instructional staff developer, District Elementary Mathematics Supervisor, and Assistant Principal. He is a 2001 graduate of the CAT Program and proud graduate of USF St. Petersburg.

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  •  Beverly Mitchell-Brown

    Beverly Mitchell-Brown

    Mrs. Mitchell-Brown has been the Secretary in the CAT Program for eight years and in the Pinellas County School System for 28 years. She has worked at Tyrone Middle School and Gibbs High School. Mrs. Mitchell-Brown was a Business Management major at Eckerd College.

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  •  Jason Ness

    Jason Ness

    Mr. Ness has been teaching at Lakewood High School for ten years and in the CAT Program for six. He graduated from Eckerd College with a Business degree. Mr. Ness is the Faculty Adviser for the Lakewood Robotics Club.

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  • Elisa Sasserath

    Elisa Sasserath

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  •  Mr. Schindler

    Stephen Schindler

    Mr. Schindler has been in education for 23 years as a teacher, administrator and counselor. Mr. Schindler graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in English and received his Master’s in School Counseling from Stetson University. Mr. Schindler is an avid runner, paddler and a huge sports fan.

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  •   C. David Schneider

    C. David Schneider

    Mr. Schneider is the instructor for CAT’s multimedia & communication program: CATCOM. Mr. Schneider graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Spring Arbor University, worked in corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company, owned his own video production company, and managed radio and television stations in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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  •  Robert Tencza

    Robert Tencza

    In 1986, Mr. Tencza moved to Florida from New Jersey where he worked for Dun & Bradstreet in the Program Production and Testing Department. Prior to his teaching career, he worked for a few major corporations in the IT department.

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Retired CAT Faculty

  • Ms. Andrea Carvill
    Courses: Algebra II, AP Stat., Chem. I Hon., Research 1&2

    Ms. Diane Church-Smith
    Former Cat Guidance Counselor

    Mr. Paul Dickman
    Courses: Physics 1 Honors, Research 3

    Mrs. Donna Dicus
    Courses: Computer Programming

    Dr. George Garbutt
    Courses: Chemistry 1 Honors, AP Chemistry, Chemistry 2 Honors, Biology 1 Honors, Research 2

    Ms. Megan Geidner
    Courses: AP Biology, Biology 2 Honors

    Mr. Mark Granning
    Courses: Multimedia Tech., TV Production, New Media Digital Imaging, Digital Video and Sound Fundamentals

    Ms. Melissa Heeren
    Courses: Freshman Computers, C++/Java, C#/Java, AP Computer Science, Research 2, Object Oriented Programming, CATCOM

    Mr. Michael Jacobs
    Courses: Algebra 1 Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Math Analysis

    Dr. Julie Janssen, Emer.
    Former Director from 1994-1998
    Teacher: 1991-1994
    Courses: Algebra 2 Honors, Geometry 1 Honors

    Mrs. Debbie Leadbetter
    Courses: Calculus Honors, Research 1, Algebra 2 Honors, AP Calculus AB

    Ms. Rose Mack
    Courses: Algebra 2 Honors, Geometry 1 Honors, Research

    Mr. Peter Oberg
    Former Director from 2007-2017
    Teacher from 1991-2006
    Courses: Biology 1 Honors, Chemistry 1 Honors, Chemistry 2 Honors, AP Chemistry

    Ms. Melissa Ostrowski
    Courses: Algebra 2 Honors, Calculus Honors, AP Calculus 

    Mrs. Jennifer Pacowta
    Courses: Algebra 2 Honors, Calculus Honors, AP Calculus   

    Dr. Martin Shapiro, Emer.
    Former Director from 1998-2007
    Teacher: 1990-1997
    Courses: AP Physics, Physics 1 Honors, Chemistry 1 Honors, Research, Integrated Physics 1 Honors, Algebra 2 Honors

    Ms. Barbara Stambaugh
    Former CAT Guidance Counselor

    Mr. Fred Ulrich
    Former Director from 1990-1993

    Mr. Steven Wagner
    Courses: AP Biology, Biology 1 Honors, Biology 2/Research

    Mr. Chris Watson
    Courses: AP Calculus

    Mr. Gary White
    Courses: AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science AB, Computer Programming 1 & 2

    Ms. Kathy Zavadil
    Courses: AP Biology, Biology II Honors Lab, Biology 1 Honors, Physics 1 Honors

    Mr. Lou Zulli Jr.
    Former Network Administrator & IT Instructor