High Point Elementary Technology

    Computer lab
    Computer Lab

    It would be hard to find a school with as much technology as High Point Elementary. With thanks to Title 1 funds and some true visionaries through the years, High Point Elementary is on the forefront of differentiated, innovative technology in our school. Many schools in our district come to High Point to see, hear, and experience how technology has enhanced our environment and our students learning.
      Classroom Computers
    Classroom Computer
    Classroom Computers
    High Point Elementary's Technology Program includes three Dell All-in-One Desktop labs.  Each 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classroom has 1-to-1 Dell laptops, and kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd grade classrooms have enough devices for each scholar (desktop, laptop, and/or iPads).
    High Point Teacher using the SMARTBoard
    At High Point Elementary, every classroom is equiped with a SMARTBoard. The SMARTBoard is an interactive whiteboard that allows the operator to touch the screen to manipulate the computer it is attached to. The computer projects the image to a projector mounted on the ceiling and the teacher or students have control of what can be written or done on the SMARTBoard.
      Technology Activities
    Computer lab 2
    Computer Lab
    Student and Staff learning daily
    Technology activities at High Point Elementary include staff development training for all teachers as well as teacher web pages.

    HPE Network News - Student Run TV News Program
    HPENN studio
    HPENN, HPE Network News, is the school wide televison network produced by the students of High Point Elementary under the leadership of Ms. Sanchez, Library/Media Technology Specialist. Every morning the students prepare a show that informs the students and staff of the happenings of the school.