• Student Office Referral Process


    1. Referring staff member sends student to the office with a completed referral form (Student escorted and/or picked up from classroom if necessary)

    2. Student enters office: expectations clearly set

    (Little to no interaction with office staff)

    Cool down and de-escalation

    Investigation of incident

    Student completes think sheet

    Each line must be completed

    Thoughtful answers required

    Student signals they are done with think sheet by putting head down

    Think sheet discussed with student

    If applicable, additional consequences discussed & applied

    Office Referral-Parent Notification completed

    Signed by student & administration

    Copy to teacher, parent and office

    3. Student escorted back to class

    4. Student serves In-Class Suspension

    Student and teacher debrief

    Teacher signs Office Referral

    5. Student takes Office Referral-Parent Notification form home and returns it to teacher with parent signature

    6. Teacher and administrator debrief


    • Reached Office Referral step in Classroom Process

    • Major Infraction

     Unprovoked, serious disrespect toward a staff member

     Fighting (harm, injury)

     Major Infraction




    Possession/use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs

    Possession/use of firearm or other weapon

    Major campus disruption

    All others as listed in the PCS Student Code of Conduct



    Consequences will be determined by the administration based upon the offense, previous incidents and the individual situation.

    * Time Out in Office * After School Detention

    * Think Sheet/Action Plan * Parent Conference

    * Behavior Contract * In School Suspension

    * Conflict Resolution/Mediation * Saturday School

    * Logical and/or Natural * Out of School Suspension

    Consequences * Expulsion

    * Restitution * Other - as deemed appropriate by

    * Isolated Lunch the administration and Student

    * Work Duty Code of Conduct