Reading & Language Arts



Forms & Documents



  • Reading

    • Increase reading fluency and endurance through integrated experiences in the language arts. Incorporates reading and analysis of literary and informational selections to develop critical and close reading skills.

    Language Arts

    • Using texts of high complexity, advanced integrated language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career preparation and readiness.

    Content Includes:

    • active reading of varied texts
    • analysis of literature and informational texts from varied literary periods to examine:
      • text craft and structure
      • elements of literature
      • arguments and claims supported by textual evidence
      • power and impact of language
    • writing for varied purposes, effective listening, speaking, and viewing strategies:
      • developing and supporting argumentative claims
      • crafting coherent, supported informative/expository texts
      • responding to literature for personal and analytical purposes
      • writing to sources using text-based evidence and reasoning
    • collaboration amongst peers

    Additionally, reading courses include:

    • demonstrating successful reading of high-quality literature and recognizing:
      • argument
      • fact and opinion
      • inferences and main ideas
      • theme and tone
      • organizational patterns and their relationships in the comprehension of text
      • purpose and tone of informational reading
    • demonstrating successful understanding of academic vocabulary in context
    • integrating reading and writing