Workforce Innovation

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    The Office of Workforce Innovation (OWI) is a specialized department serving the need to increase public awareness of Pinellas Technical College (PTC) programs, training, and services available to local businesses and community members. The general responsibility of this department includes ongoing marketing of Pinellas Technical College, recruiting student learners, and engaging in strategic community partnerships. Collectively, OWI is helping to usher in the much-needed recognition and renaissance of technical training in Pinellas County, Florida, and the United States.

    To achieve its goals the OWI team utilizes:

    • Occupational Specialists for Business and Industry that focus on building relationships with local business leaders, the development of continuing education and continuing workforce education courses, as well as coordinating, hosting, and attending various events to build county-wide brand recognition of PTC.
    • Occupational Specialists for High School Recruitment that focus on maintaining PTC’s positive, substantial presence in Pinellas County high schools, middle schools, and adult education centers by sharing information on the myriad programs available.
    • Marketing Professionals that create a variety of internal and external promotional materials and campaigns to support the efforts of OWI for Pinellas Technical College.



    Business and Industry Services (BIS), a continuing education division of OWI, maintains a presence on both the Clearwater and St. Petersburg campuses. This department primarily provides workforce solutions and customized training for local industries and life enrichment courses to facilitate lifelong learning for the community at large. BIS is committed to finding innovative solutions to the unique problems of new, expanding organizations and businesses in transition. BIS periodically offers a changing menu of courses for personal growth and special interests.


    Workforce and Individual Training Solutions – Business, Personal & Lifelong Learning

    • Professional Development, Licenses, Certifications & Credential Renewals
    • Personal Development – Life Enrichment, Career & Skills Exploration
    • Customized Solutions – Individual, Organizational & Team Workshops
    • Course Delivery – On-site, Off-site & Online


    BIS delivers a wide range of (typically short) business courses including the highly technical and specialized areas of medical, welding, electronics, construction, business, manufacturing and information technology. Additional customized courses and highly targeted training programs can be developed to meet the goals of individual industries and businesses.

    With the flexibility of courses being delivered at an industry site, online, or at one of the Pinellas Technical College campuses, training time is optimized. Each phase of the training process is coordinated by one of our Occupational Specialists. For further information (and to schedule a consultation) visit our website or contact a member of our team:   


    Kyesha Robinson, Managing Officer

    727-893-2500 ext. 2338


    LaQuisha Wilson, Clerk

    727-893-2500 ext. 2336


    Chris Blackwell, Occupational Specialist for High School Recruitment

    (serves communities South of Ulmerton Road)

    727-893-2500 ext. 2332


    Michael Gandolfo, Occupational Specialist for High School Recruitment

    (serves communities North of Ulmerton Road)

    727-538-7167 ext. 2087


    Lymari Ortiz, Occupational Specialist

    727-538-7167 ext. 2086

    727-893-2500 ext. 2334


    For current course offerings, refer to our website: