• Field Trip Information

    Want to volunteer as a chaprone on a field trip?

    You MUST be a registered and active volunteer.

    Download Volunteer Registration – click to open!
    1. Enter personal data
    2. Print or scan registration form
    3. Sign, date and attach copy of government issued photo I.D.
    4. Returning Volunteers can activate in Focus. Click on the link and follow the instructions to - Activate Your Volunteer Status
    5. If you are driving a private vehicle, please fill out the Vehicle Information Form and return with your volunteer registration.

    Volunteer Level II Fingerprinting Procedures and Fingerprint Vendors
    Click on the link to open Level II Procedures

    Please allow up to two weeks for processing your registration form.
    Thank you.
    Your student MUST have a signed permission slip to attend the field trip.
    If you have lost one, please contact the teacher to have another one sent home.