• Welcome to Physical Education!!!  We are excited to be working with the students of Ponce, working towards building healthy habits and routines.  Our team consists of Coach Johnson, Coach LaFave, and Mrs. Rogers.  We will be working on a variety of different things this year including individual skills, team building, and sportsmanship.  Twice a year we are required to administer a Fitness Test.  This test is comprised of activities testing a student’s strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Our first test will be administered in September, followed by the post-test in March.  We also will be working with students throughout the year on activities that will be included in this years Field Day which will be held the week before Spring Break!!!

    A couple friendly reminders…Please know what days your child has PE, they have it three days a week.  During those days, students must wear appropriate footwear that has been approved by the district.  This includes closed toed shoes and shoes without high heels.  Please do not send you child to school with sandals, as this is against school board policy.  Also, students will be playing in areas that may have sand/dirt, they may get slightly dirty at times.  If you don’t want your child to get their “nice” shoes/clothes dirty, please send something for them to change into.  Students may wear hats during PE class but not sunglasses, unless the glasses are for documented medical reasons.  We do allow students to get as much water as they would like during class, they may also bring a water bottle (filled with water only) if they choose.  Lastly, students may wear sunscreen to class, but it must be put on at home.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your child’s PE experience…we love hearing from parents!  We look forward to a Pawsitive year in PE!!!


    Mr. Johnson

    Mr. Lafave