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  • Ponce de Leon has 2 IPAD labs. Every class will have an opportunity to utilize this great tool to read stories, access information and complete projects this year.

    We also have a Kindle Fire mobile lab and every class in grades 2 through 5 have Kindle Fires in the classrooms, as well as laptop computers. 

    Ponce currently have four computer labs.  These labs are utilized throughout the day by all classes, kindergarten through fifth grade.  This year our students will be using a variety of online programs to help reinforce and support the learning that is occuring in the classroom. 

    This year we will be adding a Maker Space to our library where students will be able to partipate in a variety of building, logic and STEAM activities.





    With all the exciting technology, let's not forget the books!  Ponce de Leon Elementary has a fantastic library of over 10,000 books for our students to check out.  Our library offers a wide variety of resources for student reading.  Looking for a specific book?  Check out our Destiny Catalog.



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