• Effective science learning enables our students to connect and apply science concepts and processes to everyday events. At Sexton Elementary, students learn science by being actively engaged in the following ways:

    • Quantitive and qualitative observations
    • Investigation of thoughtful questions
    • Design and conduct experiments and other types of investigations
    • Collect and organize data
    • Make logical predictions and offer reasonable explanations
    • Explore possible conclusions
    • Communicate their understanding


    The elementary science program uses the 5 E's Instructional Science Model which include a comprehensive alignment to the NGSSS (Next Generation Sunshine State Standards). The 5E Science Instructional Model integrates opportunities for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and content literacy aligned activities within each 5E lesson. SEAMS (Students Engaged in Authentic Math and Science) is another STEM initiative in our district for all elementary students.