• School Handbook: Information for Parents
    sick kid Absences
    Each child is expected to be in attendance regularly and on time. In case of an absence from school, please call the school by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence or send a written excuse on the day your child returns. In the case of continued absences without known cause, the case will be investigated by our social worker. Please be aware that 3 tardies equal 1 absence and 3 early releases equal I absence.
    accident Accidents
    In case of an accident, first aid is given by authorized, trained school personnel. In all cases every effort is made to contact the parent. If we cannot reach a parent, we will use the emergency contact information you have provided. The school will summon Emergency Medical Services in serious accident or illness situations if we are unable to contact anyone, and we will notify you as soon as possible. Updated emergency phone numbers are very important to have at school for these types of emergencies.
    school bus 1 Arrival at School
    School opens at 8:15 a.m. No students should arrive before 8:15 a.m. The building is not open and adult supervision is not available. Upon arrival your child will proceed immediately to the courtyard area and SIT in the designated area until dismissed by an adult. If they are eating breakfast at school, they need to proceed directly to the cafeteria. Student hours are 8:35 to 2:35.
    bike Bicycles
    Riding bikes to school is a privilege and all rules must be followed or that privilege will be taken away. Bikes MUST be walked once they are on school property. Bike racks are provided to secure the bikes during the day. We recommend that parents register their child’s bike with the police department, keep a record of serial numbers and provide a lock. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to bikes. We also ask that you remind your child to wear a helmet for their safety and to comply with state law.
    lunch Breakfast/Lunch Program
    The cafeteria provides a nourishing, well balanced meal each day for the students and staff. Menus are published and provided to parents once a month.
    Breakfast is served each morning beginning at 8:15 AM for free to all students. School lunches are $2.00 per day.  We encourage you to send in checks to pay for your child’s lunches. Our computer system allows you to prepay for as many lunches as you wish. Please find this service at www.myschoolbucks.com
    Applications for free and reduced lunches are available in the office or at www.applyforlunch.com. If your child is presently receiving free or reduced lunch, or if your financial status changes during the year, you are required to submit a new application.

    Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children. Please be sure to check in with the school office before going to the cafeteria.
    equipment Care of School Property
    We are very proud of our school and equipment. Please encourage your child to take care of school property. The cooperation of parents and school staff members is needed to help students learn to respect materials, furnishings, equipment, and grounds.
    mailbox Change of Address
    It is necessary that the school office have the current address and phone number of students at all times. This information is especially important in case of illness and emergencies. The school should be notified immediately when a student has changed an address, phone number, or emergency number.
    desk Communication
    Student planners will be sent home every day. All important school information, student papers, and teacher notes will be placed in the envelope located inside the front cover. Parents will need to read the contents, sign below the current day’s date, and return the student planner to school with your child the following day. Every Tuesday will be Communication Day. Our school newsletter and other school wide communications will be sent home on Tuesdays.
    conference Conferences
    The teachers and administration support close communication between parents, students, and teachers. If you have a question or concern please do not wait until a teacher calls you. Teachers are available for conferences either in person or by phone. Conferences may be scheduled by calling the school office or sending a note to your child’s teacher. Parents may not confer with teachers during teaching hours. Before going to your conferences, please sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s pass. If you must cancel a schedule conference please sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s pass. If you must cancel a scheduled conference, please call the office at least 24 hours in advance so another parent conference can be scheduled. Parents will be asked to attend at least one individual conference during the year for the purpose of signing the Parent / Student / Teacher Compact and discussing your child’s progress. Notes can also be sent to your child’s teacher via e-mail. Log onto www.pcsb.org, mouse over schools, down to school links, click Sexton Elementary School’s Web Page, click teachers, and select your child’s teacher.
    discipline Discipline
    Our goal is to provide the best educational environment for your child; therefore, we expect good behavior. This can be achieved by mutual cooperation of parents, students, and all school personnel.

    We believe all children can behave appropriately at school. We will not tolerate interruptions of teacher or learning. And unruly child is not only missing out on his own education, but is also depriving others of getting theirs. We expect children to obey and show proper respect to all teachers, classmates, and to school property.

    Each teacher, working with the students, will develop a set of classroom expectations. At the beginning of the year a letter is sent home to each child’s parents explaining the expectations, recognitions, and consequences each class has developed.

    Each parent will also receive a copy of the “Code of Student Conduct” which has been adopted by the Pinellas County School Board. Discipline at school will be administered according to this code.
    backpack Do Not Bring To School
    Children are not allowed to bring live animals, gum, candy, or play things to school except by special permission from the teacher or principal. School is your child’s first job, and school hours should be spent with school activities. Teachers are asked to take such items form students and hold them for the parent to pick up. Note: Any student apprehended with a loaded or unloaded gun which could be capable of discharging a projectile, including but not limited to pellet guns and B.B. guns, will be recommended to the Superintendent for expulsion. This prohibition against firearms on campus includes the possession of a gun or the storing of a gun in a school facility or on school grounds and at school sponsored functions. Any student apprehended with a facsimile of a weapon (toy, replica, etc.) or using same in a threatening manner shall be subject to a major suspension and / or expulsion. A mandatory conference is also required with the appropriate Director of School Operations.
    clock Early Dismissal
    On occasion, it may be necessary for you to pick your child up from school before 2:35 PM for an appointment or an emergency. On such an occasion please come to the school office. The secretary will contact the teacher with instructions to send your child to the office. Please DO NOT go directly to your child’s classroom. In order for a student to be picked up early by someone other than a parent, their name must be listed on the student registration form or they must have a note with the parent’s signature stating they may pick up the student. Students may not be picked up early from 2:00 to 2:35.
    ***Students routinely picked up early will be referred to the school social worker.
    files Educational Records/The Family Rights and Privacy Act
    The Family Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law to protect the accuracy and privacy of your child’s educational records. You may arrange with the principal to make an appointment to review your child’s records.
    weather Emergency Drills
    In accordance with state laws: fire, lock down, and tornado drills are held each month. Each teacher is responsible for instructing students of the exit routes for these drills. These unannounced rehearsals are necessary for helping children react quickly and responsibly in instances of emergency.
    field trip Field Trips
    All field trips are an extension of what is being studied in the classroom. Trips are approved by the school principal and the school district. A county approved permission slip must be signed by a parent before a student can go on a field trip. Telephone permission is not acceptable and a child without this signed slip will need to be left behind at school. Often we rely on parents to drive on these trips. Parents must show proof of insurance in order to transport our students. Children not registered at school may not accompany volunteers on school field trips. Volunteers must be registered 3 weeks in advance of trips.
    hair Head Lice
    Since head lice are contagious, the School Board has adopted a policy to reduce the spread of lice in schools. When students are found to have lice, parents are notified and the students involved are sent home. Students are not allowed to return until they have been treated and no longer contagious. If a student with live lice does return to school he/she will again be sent home. A child should be able to return to school within three days if immediate attention is given to the problem. *NOTE: Please check your children weekly for evidence of nits or lice. Contact the office if you would like help in the identification of the problem.*
    Nurse Health
    We are fortunate to have a full time nurse on staff. She is responsible for assessing the medical needs of each child referred to the clinic. The clinic is maintained in the office area for temporary placement of children who become ill at school. If the child is too ill to return to class after a reasonable time, we will contact parents to come for him/her. It is very important that we have a phone number and an emergency number for this purpose. All students entering school for the first time and all students new to Pinellas County must have a physical examination, an immunization record, social security number, and a birth certificate. Children should not be sent to school with any communicable diseases, fever, or illness. Please keep them at home. All parents must give the school an emergency number to call in case of a serious accident or illness. This is a must for your child's protection.
    Homework Homework Policy
    When teachers assign homework and students complete the assigned work, higher student achievement gains are made. Homework also helps children assume responsibility, teaches self-discipline, and helps to form good study habits. Therefore, teachers will assign homework on a regular basis. Each grade level will send notice of the individual schedule and procedures during the first few weeks of school. Parents should encourage their children to complete the assignments and return them to school on time. Parents should also read to their child daily or have their child read to them.
    Phone Homework Help Line
    Children are encouraged to call the Homework Helpline for assistance with their homework between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm, Monday through Thursday. The phone number is 547-7223.
    Honor Roll Honor Roll
    Honor Roll is established each grading period for students in grades 3-5.

    Principal’s List: All A’s, E’s/V’s or S in effort and work habits and in Art, Music, and PE.
    Honor Roll: Same criteria as Principal’s List except B’s are allowed.

    Doctor Insurance
    If you are interested in securing low cost student accident insurance, forms are available in the school office.
    lost and found Lost and Found
    A lost and found box is maintained in the office and with the PE teachers. To help minimize lost articles, students’ names should be placed on items of clothing that may be misplaced. At the end of the school year unclaimed articles are donated to the Homeless Shelter. Children should be reminded to check with the lost and found box for missing items. Parents are also welcome to check the lost and found area.
    pills Medication
    The School Board has adopted a policy to provide as much safety as possible when underlying health problems make it absolutely necessary for students to receive medication at school.

    If students must receive prescription medication at school, in order for School Board employees to give it, parents must:

    1. Bring the medication to the school office in the prescription bottle.
    2. Have the appropriate authorization form signed by the parent giving details as to the time and amount to be given to the child.

    For students to receive NON-PRESCRIPTION medications, parents must:

    1. Bring medication in the original labeled container. It must be readable.
    2. An authorization card must be signed by the PHYSICIAN or DENTIST and PARENT.
    3. Medication will only be administered when the above rules are followed.

    Authorization forms are available in the school office. It is your child’s responsibility to remember to come to the office to take his or her medication.*
    Library Media Center
    The Media Center is an important part of our school. As students check out books, they are responsible for returning them on time and in good condition. All overdue books must be returned. We do not charge a fee for overdue books; but lost books must be paid for by the child. Media hours are Monday – Friday 9 am to 2 pm.
    money Money Sent to School
    Students are discouraged from bringing money or other valuables to school. Neither the teacher nor the school can be held responsible when money or personal items are lost. If a child must bring money to school be sure it is in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, his teacher’s name, and its intended purpose.
    newsletter clipart Newsletters
    Newsletters are the primary way in which we communicate school wide news and important dates to you. Please take a few minutes to read the contents of these newsletters. Newsletters will be made available either in hard copy or electronically.
    The PTA officers and board members work hard to develop programs and activities to keep you interested and involved. The PTA counts on your support. Working together we can continue to promote a good atmosphere for our children’s education. Parents and teachers are encouraged to join the PTA and attend meetings. Attending a PTA meeting is one of the best opportunities for parents to learn about school activities.
    party Parties
    Wellness Guidelines
    Sexton Elementary has been recognized as a Silver Award winner for providing a healthy environment for teaching by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Therefore, only two parties are allowed each school year. Please see “Wellness Guidelines” (page 12) for Pinellas County’s policy on the types of foods allowed at school.
    Students Placement of Students
    The placement of students at the beginning of the school year is done by the principal with teacher input. Each placement is considered tentative. Changes in enrollment may necessitate reassigning students to different classes. Every effort is made to limit the changes which are made.
    report card Report Cards
    Report cards are sent home at twelve week intervals for the Kindergarten through fifth graders. Please review each report carefully, and discuss them with your child. Offer encouragement for areas that have improved along with constructive comments on how to do better. These reports are only one indication of how your child is progressing. Others include work samples sent home, interim progress reports, and most importantly, conferences with your child’s teacher.
    Report card dates: Grades K – 5: October 28; January 13; March 30; June 7
    meeting School Advisory Council
    The SAC is made up of parents, teachers and community members. The major purposes of this committee are:
    1. To gain knowledge concerning the mission and goals of the school.
    2. To inform parents and community members of school activities and programs.
    3. To make suggestions concerning program improvements with respect to student needs and program operation.
    4. To assist in the preparation of the School Improvement Plan and its evalutation.
    Meetings are held monthly and announced in the school newsletters. All parents and community members are invited to participate in these open meetings. Contact the school office for more information.
    School Bus School Bus
    The school bus driver is in charge of the students on the bus. Students must obey the driver. The ability of all students to ride the bus is conditional on their behavior and observance of the rules and regulations. Safety demands complete cooperation. Misbehavior may result in a suspension of bus riding privileges.
    school supplies School Supplies
    Students are expected to come to school prepared for the day. They should bring paper, pencils, homework, and books. All other instructional materials are provided by the school. Backpacks make carrying materials to and from school easier, but they are not required. If you choose to send a backpack with your child, please make sure it is labeled with your child's name.
    LeftNav - Top Image School Hours:
    8:15 AM - Breakfast in the cafeteria
    8:35 AM - Classes begin
    2:35 PM - Students are dismissed
    ***No students should arrive at school before 8:15 AM as there is no supervision prior to that time. We appreciate your cooperation ahead of time. ***
    Phone School Telephone
    Someone is available to take your call from 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM daily. If you are calling before or after these hours, an answering machine is available for your convenience.
    Parents wanting to conduct phone conferences with their child’s teacher are asked to do so before 8:30 AM and after 2:35 PM. Teachers are with their classes between 8:15 and 2:35 and are not available for phone conferences during this time. Students are permitted to use the school phone for emergencies only. Please make arrangements for rainy days, after school activities, etc. before your child comes to school.
    safety Student Organizations
    Safety Patrols: Safety Patrol members must be models of good behavior for the entire student body. Their job is to assist in keeping order on walkways and helping children cross streets safely while coming to school and returning home.
    Student Council: Student Council members will be actively involved in planning and coordinating school wide activities and making school wide decisions to solve problems identified by the students. They will be selected through the election process in the fall.
    National Elementary Honor Society: The National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) offers the opportunity to recognize and engage outstanding students. NEHS recognizes excellence in scholarship, focuses on responsibility, and encourages leadership and service.
    Multicultural Committee: The Student Multicultural Committee consists of 20-25 students with diverse backgrounds. Teachers from grades 3-5 are invited to nominate two students from their class to serve on the council. These students need to be good role models and possess leadership qualities. Through activities members learn about and gain an appreciation for cultural differences. Members also help plan activities that enhance tolerance and multicultural education. The committee meets once a month or more often when needed.

    tardy Tardiness
    The first 35 minutes are the most important part of the school day! Being tardy not only prevents your child from receiving official instruction, it also interrupts the learning process of other children when your child enters the classroom late. Please help your child to be here on time. If your child is late arriving at school, he/she should report to the office before going to class. This is necessary to prevent your child from being marked absent when they are actually present.
    *Note: Repeated tardiness will necessitate a phone call and/or letter being sent to the parent and could result in a referral to the State Attorney’s Office.*
    Stack of Books Textbooks and Materials
    Most classrooms will be using a variety of teaching and learning materials on a daily basis with the textbook being one of them. Every classroom will have a supply of traditional textbooks for student use, and parents may request a child bring home a book for additional study. Books take home will then become the responsibility of the parent and child. Lost or damaged books will be assessed a fine that the parent is required to pay.
    no trespassing Trespassing
    Students are not permitted on school grounds after school hours or on the weekends. The school will not be responsible for students who are on school property without permission. If this becomes a problem, you will be contacted. Security checks of the campus are made nightly and on weekends.
    Reminder: Schools are smoke free. No smoking is allowed on our campus.
    Visitor Visitors
    Our school is a family oriented school and is open to visitation by parents and other interested persons. If you wish to visit the school or a specific classroom, please contact the school at least 1 day in advance. Upon your arrival you are required to sign in at the office. This is our opportunity to greet you, give you our visitor’s badge, and explain our policies are procedures. We do regret that preschoolers are not permitted to visit classes.
    Volunteer Volunteer Program
    Working as a school volunteer can be exciting and fun. Volunteers help to meet the needs of children in many different ways. You could help with any of the following activities:
    • Drive on field trips
    • Chaperone on field trips
    • Volunteer in the classroom (as little as 1 hour a week OR as much as you are able):
    • Work with small groups of children in reading or math
    • Work with 1 student at a time to give extra help
    • Help make materials for the students to use (cut, color, etc.)
    • Help to set up learning centers in the classroom
    • Help to create bulletin boards for the classroom
    • Assist with filing and collating papers
    • Volunteer at home (whenever the teacher needs help or by scheduling a certain night)
    • Help to find speakers, magazine articles, books, etc. for the unit students are studying in school.
    NOTE: Volunteers/chaperones for field trips must be registered 3 weeks in advance. Register to become one of our valuable volunteers by calling our Volunteer Coordinator today. We look forward to working together as a partner in your child’s education.
    Boy Leaving Withdrawing from School
    Should your family find it necessary to move out of our school zone, please follow the steps below to make withdrawal easier for both you and your child:
    1. Notify the school at least 2 days prior to your child’s last day. You may call the school or send in a note.
    2. Return all library and textbooks, and pay any fines or loans.
    3. Pick up the appropriate transfer papers from the school office on your child’s last day.
    YMCA Y.M.C.A.
    The YMCA provides before and after school care daily from 6:30 AM - 8:15 AM and from 2:35 PM - 6:00 PM in our school multi-purpose room. Developmental and enrichment activities are a part of the program as well as an afternoon snack. If you are interested in having your child participate, you can call 895-9622 for additional information.
    boy Parent Portal.
    The PCS Portal (https://portal.pcsb.org) is a secure website that provides a way for you to obtain specific information about your child privately. Parents can view their child’s: attendance, schedule, assignments, grades, discipline issues, demographic information, medical information, school messages, school calendar, teacher email links, and alerts concerning your child. How do you know if you have a Parent Portal (ParentCONNECT) account already?
    You have a previous ParentCONNECT account if you have done one of the following:
    Ever used ParentCONNECT to view your child’s grades or attendance.
    Ever used SRS (Student Reservation System) to
    change any of your child’s information, reserved a seat in a school, or applied for a PCS magnet or fundamental school.
    If you have forgotten your ParentCONNECT username and/or password, visit any school for assistance.How does a parent obtain an account if they have never previously had a ParentCONNECT account?
    Visit any school to apply and bring a valid ID
    (one of the following): Driver’s License; State ID card;
    Visa (not the credit card); Military ID; Passport; or
    Green Card
    The school will use our new program, UMRA, to provide a username and password.
    Login: If a new user, a login will be provided by the
    If a previous ParentCONNECT user, your login will be p. (the letter p and a period) followed by your ParentCONNECT username.
    Password: If you are a new user, your password (a
    combination of upper and lower case letters and
    numbers) will be given to you along with your new login.
    If you are a previous ParentCONNECT user, your password must now be at least six (6) all capital letters and/or numbers. If your previous ParentCONNECT password was less than six characters, add to the end
    enough Z’s to equal six characters.
    Apple Pencil Wellness
    The District has a Wellness Policy addressing
    1) Nutrition Education, 2) Physical Activity, 3) Other School-Based Activities, 4) Foods on Campus.

    Foods on Campus: In order to address the growing childhood obesity issue, our school will not serve or provide access for our students to foods with minimal nutritional value or to any variety of candy. This includes school fundraisers.

    Snacks and special events: Parents who would like to send snacks should call the school office or the classroom teacher to make sure the items are within the guidelines. All snacks must comply with the district’s nutrition standards and may not contain any low nutritional candy or dessert type items (cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pudding, ice cream or frozen desserts, etc.)
    With principal permission, students may be given low nutritional foods, candy items or other restricted foods only twice during the school year – Halloween and Valentine’s Day.