• Welcome to Madeira Beach Fundamental

    591 Tom Stuart Causeway
    Madeira Beach, Florida 33708-2877

    (727) 547-7838 (K-5 students)
    (727) 547-7697 (6-8 students)
    Fax (727) 547-7528

     Chris Ateek, Principal
    Brooke Crandall, Assistant Principal
      Carolyn Altenore, Assistant Principal



    (K-5) 7:55am - 1:55pm
    Middle (6-8) 7:45am - 2:15pm
    School Mission Statement:
    Madeira Beach Fundamental School, will work within the fundamental guidelines, to academically challenge, stimulate creativity and increase student achievement.  We will do this by working collaboratively with parents and our community partners and by fostering a safe and nurturing environment where students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential.
  • About Our School:
    • Enrollment:  1,439 

    • Attractor/Focus:  Fundamental program
    • Mascot:  Manta Ray

    • Before/After school care:  Y.M.C.A.

    • Teaching Staff:  Approximately 46% of our faculty members hold advanced degrees

    • Technology:  Four computer labs; 8 mobile computer labs; 1 mobile iPad lab
    • Exceptional Student Education services:  Resources for Varying Exceptionalities including
      Advanced Academics, Specific Learning Disability, Speech Impaired, Language Impaired,
      Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Occupational and Physical Therapy